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    Australian Construction offers various home and business electrical services to Geelong residents. Our electrical contractor in Geelong is knowledgeable and experienced. Therefore, we handle wide-ranging services like minor jobs and complete rewiring

    Our professional and experienced commercial, industrial, and residential electricians carry out different services. We also give suggestions and guidance on the ideal products for your requirements. 

    We provide the following:

    • Energy efficiency
    • General electrical
    • Electrical safety
    • Switchboard upgrades
    • Solar power systems

    Today, businesses and homes depend heavily on technology. The reason for this is the successful running of lighting, telephone networks, computers and printers. Naturally, this technology relies on reliable and safe electrical support and services. 

    To ensure your customers, workmates and family’s safety, insist on the Australian Construction ideal and effective electrical safety equipment. We also have the support of our reliable electrical contractor in Geelong.

    Our experience as Geelong’s electrical contractors spans many years. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive scope of electrical safety services.  The residential, commercial and industrial electricians can skilfully carry out a complete test and tag service. 

    We also install and maintain smoke detectors and safety switches. However, the size of your electrical project does not matter. Big or small, our electrical contractor in Geelong has you covered!

    State of the art equipment

    As part of the electrical services that we provide, we also give you suggestions on the correct smoke detectors and safety switches for your business or home needs.  Our skilled electricians arm themselves with portable appliance testing equipment, and visit your premises or home to complete the electrical testing and tagging. 

    We also advise you of possible safety problems and give you no-obligation quotes on our variety of electrical safety services. The complete range of safety appliances and safety services we have is another reason we are your best choice for industrial, residential and commercial electricians. 

    Our electrical contractor in Geelong provides solar power systems that reduce greenhouse gases and saves you money also.

    Australian Construction electrical safety services

    • Switchboard testing
    • RCD testing
    • Thermo-graphic imaging tests
    • Battery testing
    • Exit & emergency light testing
    • Testing and tagging
    • Smoke detector supply & installation
    • Safety switch installation

    Each week we seem to receive another announcement about the rising cost of power. It leads to additional pressure on already strained finances. It is the reason we urge you to work with our professional electrical contractor in Geelong to reduce energy consumption in the workplace and at home.

    We assist you in decreasing your energy costs, and it makes your business or home more energy-efficient. It is beneficial to your pocket and the surroundings! Our fully trained and trustworthy electricians visit your workplace or home and advise you on more energy-efficient lighting and appliances. Alternatively, we can go through your new building’s plans.

    LED lights are an example of how we can help you; the range of residential, industrial and commercial lighting products changes throughout because of constant technological change. Timers, movement sensors, sunset switches and dimmers are LED light options for saving energy. 

    The Australian Construction energy efficiency service goes beyond existing businesses and homes. We offer you the most updated residential, commercial and industrial efficient electrical services for renovations and new buildings.

    Our Geelong electrical contractor’s expertise extends beyond LED lighting options to energy consultations and management. Please allow us to assess your workplace or home to find ways of ensuring it is energy efficient.

    Energy efficiency services

    • LED lighting
    • Energy management
    • Energy-efficient lighting & controls
    • Energy efficiency consultations
    • Electrical services

    It is now more important than ever to save money on your power bill because the cost of electricity and living continues rising. As a result, people avoid using their air conditioning, limiting the use of lighting and appliances. But, our team installs energy-efficient lighting, ensuring that your switchboard is capable of handling your electrical system.


    Australian Construction handles all your home and electrical needs like data and communications, energy efficiency and solar power systems. 

    Call our dedicated team of electricians today for a quote and enjoy our fast and professional services!