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    You can rely on Australian Construction if you need electrical services in Gladstone. Our electrical contractor in Gladstone has provided services for years in the Gladstone area. As a result, we are the most experienced electrical team in the region. We offer comprehensive commercial and residential electrical services.

    Our team of licensed electricians are skilled and knowledgeable. Therefore, they work efficiently, getting the job right the first time. Gladstone has many electricians to choose from. However, our electrical contractor in Gladstone is the most committed to customer service. 

    As a result, we give you superior electrical service. Moreover, we do this with a personal touch! We offer simple electrical service and repairs, full renovations and new electrical installations. For us, no job is too big or small.

    Domestic electrician

    You might need electrical work, repairs or maintenance for your home. In that case, you need a reliable domestic electrician. Not only are our team of electricians skilled, but are also respectful, courteous and kind. 

    Commercial and residential electrical services

    Bulb and ballast replacement

    Your commercial lighting makes up almost 35% of your business’s energy usage. Do you use the suitable light bulb and lighting solution combination to get the best value for your money? There are various lighting options. However, do you know the correct one for your business?

    Differences between residential & commercial light fixtures

    Our commercial lighting is specially designed to illuminate commercial services. First, it accommodates different business activities like sales and manufacturing. Second, it uses different designs, colours, intensities and designs to provide custom solutions for various applications.

    For example, when you use commercial ballasts, , it consequently reduces the current to fluorescent bulbs. Due to this, they do not increase excessively, overheat or burn out. We match the ballast specifically to the light bulb it drives. 

    Third, in contrast to residential fluorescents, the commercial fluorescent emits more heat as well as more potent magnetic interference. Due to this, proper installation is vital to protect against fire outbreaks and interference with electronics.

    Landscape lighting

    Landscape lighting can improve your garden or home dramatically. Regardless of the elevation, shape or size, the electrical contractor in Gladstone provides complete landscape lighting design solutions. It makes any home lovelier and safer.

    We have a team of experts committed to giving you superior craftsmanship and unique customer service. Furthermore, they give you the quality of professionalism you need. The result is the custom landscape lighting you have always dreamt of. 

    Why you should install landscape lighting with

    Entertainment & ambience

    With landscape lighting, you create the ideal atmosphere for entertaining outdoors. Light up outdoor kitchens, illuminate pools, recreational areas, patios and sitting areas at night. The electrical contractor in Gladstone offers you landscape lighting to set the tone for all occasions. For this reason, your visitors have an unforgettable experience!


    Enhance your home’s architecture while displaying its charm and artistry. Let your visitors experience the loveliness of your flowers, trees, fountains, and shrubs at any time of the day. Our electrical contractor in Gladstone creates dramatic scenes to show your property’s soft contours, textures and shapes.


    Lighting your home presents an effective way of preventing residential crime and keeping out intruders. Lighting does not deter crime. However, statistics indicate that a well lit home is likely to discourage potential criminals.


    Your home is incomplete without the Australian Construction landscape lighting design. Please make use of this chance to highlight your home and landscape beauty by talking to our landscape lighting experts.  Our team of experts will take you through the process, give you upfront pricing, and make your dreams come true! Likewise, it enhances the value, safety as well as the atmosphere of your home.

    Call us to book an appointment today for all your electrical services!