The Best Electrical Contractor On The Gold Coast & All Surrounding Areas


Hire The Most Competent Electrical Contractor On The Gold Coast

    Australian Construction provides top-quality, affordable solutions for all elements of commercial construction electrical needs; for instance, constructing a new retail centre and changing a light bulb. Our professional team is committed to giving our customers on the Gold Coast quality artistry and products to finish their project.

    We have worked in the commercial electrical industry for years on the Gold Coast, and we recognise the tight restrictions and deadlines placed on projects and how crucial it is to keep to a budget and deliver on time.

    Our electrical services

    Among the services we offer are:

    • Residential housing
    • Multi domestic residences
    • Office & shop fit-outs
    • Construction of Commercial electrical projects
    • Emergency work
    • Rental maintenance & repairs
    • Switchboards
    • Temporary power
    • Test & tagging
    • PA systems
    • Fire systems
    • Audio Visual Systems
    • Data & Communications
    • Underground services
    • Data & communications
    • MATV systems

    Occupational Health and Safety Needs

    Australian Construction is fully licensed and insured for all commercial construction work, and data and communications jobs. Our objective is to meet and fulfil our responsibilities under the Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations. It means we can provide a safe, affordable and reliable service while following the current strict requirements established in our sector.

    Commercial Office & Shop Fit-outs

    Some of our electrical contractors on the Gold Coast’s primary focus is on commercial shop fit-outs. Therefore, if you have an upcoming project and want an experienced and trustworthy electrician, ensure you call us on 1800 155 881 to book your project.

    Apart from our superior quality standard at Australian Construction, you can enjoy remarkable customer service and optimal professionalism and integrity.

    We recognise how important it is to keep time and maintain the budget. We have vast experience in operating on tight deadlines and exceptional project limitations.

    Commercial Electrical Services

    Australian Construction has a team of expert commercial electricians on the Gold Coast who offer premier electrical services. We stock all our vehicles fully, enabling our team to perform most commercial electrical service jobs on the spot. 

    We can handle small or big jobs efficiently. Our electrical contractors on the Gold Coast is your number one choice when it comes to commercial electricians. We are specialists in insurance electrical work, Strata electrical and shop & office fit-outs. Our competent team is at your service whenever you require them. Call Australian Construction today to consult about your electrical requirements.

    Insurance Electrician Contractors

    Our objective at Australian Construction is to become one of the most experienced, successful and qualified services suppliers of insurance electrical jobs for disaster relief and insurance claims on the Gold Coast. 

    The Australian Construction team is already a favourite as an electrical service provider among the top insurance companies in Australia. We boast of an impressive track record with our customers as we consistently give them reliable, competitive, quality service.

    We provide insurance work services to our clients who treasure fast responses and quality solutions and unique customer services at affordable rates. The electrical contractors we have on the Gold Coast offers insurance firms and their clients top quality work. 

    Australian Construction’s objective is to provide insurance companies and their customers with the highest quality, attention to detail repairs. We also offer clear, honest and personal methods for everyone. This endeavour leads to remarkable customer service and fulfilment. 

    Starting from the initial call to the last handover inspection, all the electrical contractors on the Gold Coast team members are committed to offering an exceptional experience to all customers. 

    Our work reflects this attitude, such as systems and procedures, staff recruitment, direct communication, uniforms, reporting quality, etc. If you want reliable domestic electrical work on the Gold Coast get in touch with our electricians today. We eagerly await your call.

    Local Emergency Electrician 

    Australian Construction provides local emergency & support services for our clients on the Gold Coast. We offer an efficient service to ensure the running of your business or home with minimal downtime. The emergency response team at Australian Construction ensures they provide you with a qualified electrician fast.

    We also advise you on reducing more destruction to your residence until our electrician arrives on the site. Our team of electrical contractors aim to give our valued clients high-quality electrical service quickly. Our electricians have dealt with many issues, guaranteeing you a quick diagnosis and repair. It saves you time and money!

    Australian Construction electricians will deal with any emergency you have. It may be a blaring alarm that refuses to go off, a weird burning smell, a blown fuse or lack of water. Whatever emergency you have, our qualified electrician will solve it quickly!

    Lighting and electrical problems occur without warning. For this reason, Australian Construction is a favourite among Gold Coast clients because we deliver fast service, without compromising on quality. Our electricians are courteous and professional.

    We have experience in all kinds of electrical work and problems like:

    • Power outage repairs
    • ‘Make safe’ repairs
    • Maintenance breakdowns
    • Fire Hazard shut-downs
    • Safety inspection & reports
    • Lights, power points and switches
    • Tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses
    • Hot water system replacement or repairs
    • Repairing faults triggered by flood damage or storm damage and much more!

    We work according to government regulations and follow our company’s objective to present optimal work ethic, safety standards and integrity. You can rely on our team to work on any on-site problem that comes up.

    Gold Coast Emergency Electrician Contractors

    Electricity can fail at crucial times; it is usually dark, cold, and after regular trading hours when something no longer works. Seek assistance from Australian Construction when you are experiencing an electrical emergency.

    We appreciate that time is paramount. Our skilled electrician will avail themselves fast to make sure that your property remains secure. Avoid experiencing darkness or cold! Allow our electrical contractor on the Gold Coast to restore your light and activate your hot running water once more!


    Australian Constructors offer ideal, professional electrical services on the Gold Coast. Our mission is to provide insurance companies and their clients a high quality and detailed repairs while providing straightforward, clear and personal communication channels to everyone involved.

    We are specialists in strata electrical commercial electrical, insurance electrical job and shop & office fit-outs.

    Do not procrastinate! Choose Australian Construction for your homes and businesses electrical work on the Gold Coast.