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    When there is a power outage, your entire life goes to a frustrating standstill. You might get stuck for a long time while waiting for help and this is why we have a ‘Rapid Response Team’ at Australian Construction. Our electrical contractor in Launceston is adequately trained, qualified and experienced to work on your electrical installation.

    We check and test our work, ensuring everything complies with Australian Standards to maintain safety in your home or workplace. Our many years’ experience guarantees you will have the service and support you need.

    LED Lights & Lamps

    Are you aware that your lighting expenses can decrease by up to 80% when you change to LED lights? Today LED replacements are available for nearly all the traditional lighting types. 

    Present technological advancements mean practical LED versions of fluorescent tubes, incandescent lamps, floodlights, street lights, down-lights and domestic and industrial lighting. 

    Each day the market presents new products, and the improvement of quality leads to lower prices. Whatever lighting requirements you have, our electrical contractor in Launceston will suggest the ideal available options.

    Heat pumps

    Australian Construction offers heat pump services for customers across Launceston and we offer the following services:

    Our services include:

    • Hot water throughout the year
    • 80% savings on your hot water bill
    • Environmentally friendly hot water

    A hot water heat pump uses the sun’s energy to heat water. However, solar panels are not necessary. The heat absorbed from the air is used in heating your water. Because of this, solar hot water heat pumps offer a high level of energy efficiency, and it saves your cost and energy. You can save a maximum of 80% on your hot water!

    Energy monitoring

    We offer energy monitoring services for our Launceston clients. Our experienced team of control engineers and electricians offer energy-efficient systems for your office building or home. The electrical contractor provides monitoring services for residential and commercial clients. They are created to recognise energy waste areas and offer efficient improvement strategies.

    We advise you on affordable methods of reducing your power expenses fast. Additionally, we give you detailed strategies on using renewable energy to generate electricity and safe energy.

    Solar & wind solutions

    Australian Construction services all regions of Launceston, and we are a trusted solar installer. The electrical contractor we have in Launceston is qualified, and you can have peace of mind because you know you are getting the ideal suggestions. We provide top quality service and are committed to your future energy-saving projects.

    Benefits of solar

    • Government rebates
    • Return on investment
    • Helps the surrounding
    • Decreased energy bills
    • Your property’s value increases

    Our professional team helps you with your wind and solar system installation and your ongoing electrical requirements. We help our clients match their power and budget needs by providing a solution that aims to provide optimal benefit.

    Commercial services

    The electrical contractor in Launceston provides the highest level of reliability and responsiveness, including online work management and reporting. We have skilled technicians who ensure that your premises are compliant and constantly maintained. It means your team and work at maximum safety and efficiency.

    We offer you the following:

    • Switchboard upgrades
    • Safety inspections
    • Fibre optic networking
    • Data logging
    • Aged care specialists
    • Thermal imaging and more

    Maintenance & Servicing

    If you need maintenance and servicing for your workplace or home, our electrical contractor in Launceston is available. We offer electrical maintenance and servicing for commercial and residential clients. This service is important because it ensures that your workplace is safe and operates efficiently.


    We know that working with subcontractors can be stressful; therefore, we aim to minimise your stress. To do this, we work closely with you to ensure that your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.

    Our experienced technicians give you expert advice, arrive on time, are professional and work skilfully and carefully. 

    We look forward to working with you, so call us now!