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    At Australian Construction, we are proud to provide services to Rockhampton and the nearby region. Our electrical contractor in Rockhampton is skilled and has a genuine passion for turning our client’s projects into success stories!

    We are famous in Rockhampton for delivering quality and affordable electrical, solar and air conditioning services and products. Our company has compiled a comprehensive range of electrical, solar and air conditioning services with you in mind. We aim to give you superior services and products and to achieve this we choose our team carefully.

    The electrical contractor in Rockhampton works honestly and closely with you to find the ideal and most affordable solutions for all your electrical needs.

    Fan installation

    Remain cool using our various electrical fan installation solutions for businesses and homes. When you install wall and ceiling fans, it keeps the room fresh and cool. Fans can stop the build-up of black mould by drying out the points prone to moisture accumulation and circulating air. Besides, fans are affordable, and therefore, an ideal option for all businesses and homes.

    General electrician services

    We have a big team of skilled electricians eager to help you with various electrical services. Accordingly, our electrical contractor in Rockhampton provides the following services for businesses and homes:

    • Safety inspections
    • Lighting upgrades and installations
    • Solar services and products
    • Fan installation, for instance, remote control fans
    • Air conditioning maintenance and repairs & air conditioning installation
    • Installation of switches, switchboards, wiring, power points and different electrical system components.
    • Energy solutions to help you reduce your electricity bill cost
    • Electrical system maintenance and rewiring
    • Emergency electrical services/after hours electrician.

    Switchboard upgrade services

    Has a professional inspected your electrical switchboard recently? If you want to increase your energy needs, a switchboard upgrade is essential. It is beneficial if you have an old switchboard. Equally important, electrical installations need replacement every ten years to ensure they function efficiently.

    In other words, aged safety devices might not work effectively to protect your business or home against electrical dangers. Hence, you need to engage our electrical contractor to inspect your electrical system and switchboard often.

    It means that you should not risk where electrical safety is concerned. The general rule is that commercial properties and properties with a swimming pool need an inspection every twelve months. However, residences need an inspection every five years or each time the tenancy changes.

    Before vacating a commercial or residential property, an experienced electrical contractor should carry out an inspection. Avoid taking chances! The electrical contractor in Rockhampton can upgrade your residential or business switchboard to decrease electrical hazards, to enable you to increase your usage. Call our experts today and find out how our services can meet your requirements

    Safety Services & solar inspections

    Your solar power system might not produce the same amount of electricity as the grid; however, it is still harmful. Solar inspections and safety are as vital as having a connection to the grid. It is not enough to press your switchboard’s test button since the test button determines whether you are safe from electrocution. It does not test to check whether your business or home is protected from electrical fires. 

    Do not take chances where electricity is concerned. Hire a licensed electrician like Australian Construction to carry out a safety inspection. Moreover, you will be happy you did it because electrical fires mainly begin where the wires are located: the ceiling, floor, or walls. A certified electrician quickly checks whether your home is protected from possible threats.


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