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    For years, Australian Company has been offering quick, reliable and professional electrical services in Australia’s businesses and households. Our electrical contractor in Toowoomba is your one-stop solution for all your electrical services requirements. 

    Our Services

    We carry out the wiring in new homes and rewire properties going through remodelling or renovations. Our expert team also handles installations, repairs, maintenance and more. The list of happy clients we have shows that our services are guaranteed to impress!

    The electrical contractor we have in Toowoomba provides various electrical installations, air-conditioner installations, lighting systems, and switchboards. We also offer smoke alarms, hot water systems and much more.

    Additionally, we help in electrical inspections for all kinds of properties. Therefore, it ensures that all electrical wirings and systems in your workplace or home are functioning correctly and safely throughout.

    If you need any of the above services, call us today, and we will be happy to serve you. Our vast experience assures you that we can expertly handle all kinds of electrical-related tasks.

    Qualified Electrician

    Everyone who owns property needs a go-to electrician who is accessible 24/7. Problems and requirements may arise anytime, including after business hours. Because of this, a reliable and efficient electrician who is readily available is essential.

    The electrical contractor we have at Toowoomba is available 24/7. We have cost-friendly rates and guarantee high-quality artistry. Our firm has professionally served many business premises and households in Toowoomba for years.

    We have a team of workers who maintain honesty and courtesy at all times. It is why all our electricians are knowledgeable, highly skilled and capable of handling jobs of all sizes. Additionally, we have the newest tools ad equipment, and it ensures we efficiently deliver and complete all types of services.

    Our electrical contractor has you covered from major to minor electrical issues and troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance and installation. Our services cater to residential and commercial properties for meter boxes and switchboards and wiring of new homes. 

    We also offer hot water and air-conditioner system services, safety switches, wiring inspections, smoke alarms, etc. Call us today for any enquiries or needs you have, and we will be happy to give you a no-charge quote.

    Commercial Electrician

    For years we have serviced commercial premises. We value your success, and it is why we endeavour to give you ideal commercial electrician services in Toowoomba at affordable rates. Our Australian Construction team gives you impressive results that go beyond your expectations.

    For all your commercial property’s needs, like repairs of all electrical appliances and wiring, call our Toowoomba electrical contractor. The range of commercial electrical services we offer include:

    • Wiring new establishments
    • Rewiring remodelled business premises
    • Lighting set-ups
    • Hot water systems
    • Air conditioners and much more

    Our state of the art tools and equipment delivers all kinds of electrical services, despite the size. Over the years, we have provided our expert commercial electrical services to numerous local shops, restaurants, offices and cafes and other large and small businesses.

    Emergency services

    The electrical contractor in Toowoomba appreciates that you may require a commercial electrician to visit your location at any time. It especially applies when you need emergency services, and we are glad to avail ourselves. Our commercial electrician is available at all hours, and it ensures that repairs and maintenance will not interrupt your regular business operations.


    Our team of electricians has extensive training and is qualified. The main objective of our firm is to give you impressive and satisfactory outcomes. With us, you are assured of top-quality artistry all the time!

    Therefore, do not hesitate to call us today for the ideal electrical services in Toowoomba!