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Commercial Elevator Installation In Adelaide

    For years, Australian Construction has installed and maintained elevators in many operating environments. We are proud of our products’ quality and our team’s expertise.

    We are the leading firm in the sector, enabling us to optimise the service, financial and operational deliverables that our clients value in government facilities, transport hubs and office blocks.

    Our commercial elevator solutions have some of these features:

    • Space-saving and energy-efficient elevators for high-rise buildings.
    • Machine-room less, gearless, traction elevators for low-rise and medium rise buildings.
    • Affordable pre-engineered elevators for medium rise and low rise buildings.
    • Highly customised and glass observation elevators for the medium rise and high rise buildings.

    Our superior quality elevators

    A standard elevator is sometimes not enough. That is why we believe in being creative when it comes to elevator design. We take your ideas to another level! Our team of qualified engineers and designers have formulated countless unique ways of solving elevator engineering issues and deliver a lovely finished product each time.

    Whether you want a specialised cargo elevator in an industrial building or a glass-walled passenger elevator, we can provide.

    Created to last

    When you hire us to design and install your new elevator solution, it means you will get many years of engineering experience. Our skilled team creates your elevator solution to meet your job requirements, and we also meet every essential Australian standard and code. Our commercial elevator installation provides durable elevators, and our planned maintenance program and various flexible service agreements facilitate this.

    Upgrade your elevators with our expertise

    Elevators present an essential product for any contemporary multi-storey building. However, if your building experiences high foot traffic every day or is getting old, talk to Australian Construction professionals. Our expert team of engineers and designers can help create a new elevator solution suitable for your building’s look and the everyday flow of people.

    Whether you want a complete upgrade or elevator car refurbishment, we give your building the contemporary feel it needs. We provide imaginative, multi-level vertical transport solutions to move individuals even through the most complicated and bold situations.  

    We give you competitive rates and excellent money value modernisation packages from simple elevator renovations to total complete control system replacement jobs, customised to meet building needs and budgets of all sizes.

    Our competent team starts by giving you a free assessment and quote, and we give you suggestions across a wide range of quality options like control panels, doors, finishes and fixtures.

    Five reasons why you should modernise your elevators

    Despite your existing elevator’s condition, our experienced and talented team of engineers and designers can upgrade it. If your existing elevators are working effectively, you may not need a new elevator installation. However, a new elevator gives you the following benefits:

    • More energy efficiency and reduced running costs.
    • Enhanced reliability and safety, enabling you to follow the newest standards and legislation.
    • Smoother running and suitable levelling at landing area, which reduces risk.
    • Enhanced aesthetics and raised value of your building asset.
    • Quicker travel time between the floors for faster people movements.

    Commercial dumbwaiters installations

    If you run a warehouse, own a restaurant, run a retail store or something else, you look for methods of increasing productivity. At Australian Construction, we tailor the design and install ideal domestic and service goods elevators for optimal efficiency and convenience.

    We give you the ideal solution to meet your practical requirements and budget. Our experienced team works with offices, hospitals, banks, clinics, libraries and bars of all types, installing superior quality elevators at affordable prices.

    Each of our company’s commercial dumbwaiters is available in standard hinged & fire-rated swing doors with the choice of picking fire-rated perpendicular bi-parting doors if necessary.

    Apart from this, extra trays are accessible, while painted steel units are available with fire rated paint. We have fully customisable dumbwaiters to match your unique needs. Whatever you require, we have your back!

    Various commercial elevators

    We have reliable, energy-efficient and affordable solutions to suit all builder and corporate needs. Australian Construction commercial elevators give safety top priority and ensure that all our elevators fully comply with the Australian Standard 1735. Due to this, you can trust our installations for maximum performance with total peace of mind.

    We tailor our elevators to suit any commercial area.

    At Australian Construction, we work with the ideal international manufacturers to bring performance, reliability and quality to development projects all over Adelaide, making sure we meet our customers’ commercial and compliance needs. 

    We provide energy efficient and hard-working elevators that we customise to suit personal requirements like traction, telescopic doors and hydraulic drive systems.

    Goods elevator maintenance

    Do you want a skilled team to handle your goods elevator maintenance requirements in Adelaide? Maybe your elevator has stalled during the busiest period of the year, and you need to repair it. Whatever goods elevator maintenance requirements you have, our professional firm has you covered.

    We have worked in this sector for years, and our team has experience in installing, servicing and repairing goods elevators of all sizes and shapes. It gives us significant knowledge in restoring and maintaining your elevator, ensuring that we diagnose any issues and deal with them fast.

    You are sure to save money and time when you work with us because we are proud of our low technician-to-maintenance unit ratios of any big elevator firm.

    Where goods elevators are concerned, we appreciate that reliability is essential to completing your work. If you cannot transport your goods where they should be, it stalls everything, leading to time and money wastage.

    When our qualified team maintains your goods elevator regularly, you have the guarantee that your business day will not experience any unexpected delays.  Our team takes charge of your goods elevator maintenance services, enabling your elevator to operate at its most reliable level.


    We are dedicated to giving our customers only the most superior quality elevator solutions. It is the reason we work with the most reliable suppliers and design our products for optimal output.

    When you call Australian Construction for elevator construction, you can relax knowing that you are dealing with the best in the industry. Call now on 1800 155 881.