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Commercial Elevator Installation In Brisbane

    At Australian Construction, we have a skilled team that provides elevator repairs & maintenance, and commercial elevator installation in Brisbane.

    We present various installation and maintenance packages to select from, ensuring that you get the type of installation or maintenance that fits your budget and requirements.

    We have a team of qualified service technicians who provide high-quality breakdown and maintenance, and installation services for different elevators like commercial elevators, dumbwaiters, freight elevators and platform stair elevators.

    If you want a reliable elevator installation or a maintenance package, call us today to discuss the best option for your requirements.

    Features of our commercial elevator solutions

    • Gearless, machine-room-less traction elevators for the medium rise and low rise buildings.
    • Space-saving and energy-efficient elevators for high-rise buildings.
    • Affordable pre-engineered elevators for the medium rise and low rise buildings.
    • Highly tailored and glass observation elevators for high rise, medium-rise and low rise buildings.
    • Saving money with Australian Construction regular maintenance.
    • According to experience, regular maintenance makes a significant difference to your general cost of ownership. It saves you a lot of money in emergency breakdowns, enabling you to avoid early replacements.
    • It also signifies that we can schedule servicing outside peak periods. Therefore, your elevators will work when people most need them.
    • We cater to your needs according to your budget.
    • We can design and maintain any model for you.
    • Our engineering and maintenance teams are different from other elevator providers because we are skilled in servicing and maintaining a wide variety of vertical transport equipment and source parts on your behalf.
    • We have years of experience in the sector and can handle everything; ancient units to the latest technology.
    • We carry out thorough inspections and services.
    • Elevators are complex pieces of machinery, and most components need to work without fail.

    This is the reason that with each service, our technicians adhere to our computer-created maintenance system.

    As part of the servicing, our team lubricates and adjusts items and replaces any worn or faulty parts. We have various spares at our service depots and our vehicles as well. We will have you up and running in no time!

    Safety is our highest priority.

    As a commercial manager or property owner, you should avoid being in a situation where people who visit your building get injured due to inadequate maintenance standards.

    The Australian Construction staff are certified and licensed to carry out maintenance projects and present comprehensive reporting for each job.

    Safety and compliance are important for building owners, and we keep you updated on the newest codes reviews and changes. This is the advantage of dealing with our Quality Management Accredited firm that has intricate knowledge of elevators.

    Unique designs for your elevator application

    Not all elevators are straightforward and simple, and we have worked on some of Australia’s most unique construction projects. We have been in the business for years and have installed many elevators during this time. Our team has the expertise to solve almost any elevator issue you present to us. We have dealt in:

    • Oversized openings
    • Innovative lighting
    • Interior and exterior finishes
    • Glass car shafts and exteriors
    • Innovative lighting

    At times a standard elevator is not enough, and that is why we use a creative method when designing elevators to take your concepts to a different level. Our experienced team of engineers and designers have formulated numerous unique ways of solving elevator engineering issues and deliver a lovely finished product every time.

    Passenger elevator maintenance

    At Australian Construction, we appreciate the need for urgency regarding passenger elevator maintenance. This is the reason we provide quick and effective responsive times at affordable rates, ensuring that we deal with your elevator maintenance requirements fast.

    Our team boasts comprehensive training on all major brands, and you are assured of receiving any service you require.

    We provide different contract types to meet your maintenance requirements at your convenience and to suit your company. We offer the following packages:


    The comprehensive package we offer covers all your repair and maintenance needs, and you have peace of mind because there are no extra expenses. It entails:

    • All standard servicing
    • Provision of required repairs and parts added at no extra expense.
    • Inspection and service

    This option is suitable for people who want a more affordable option and still have breakdowns cover. It involves:

    • All standard servicing
    • After work call outs at a cost
    • Installation and spare parts at a fee
    • All call-outs while working (breakdowns and normal wear & tear)

    Preventative elevator maintenance

    We recommend these just for the newest and most dependable elevators, and this contract offers simple cover for a minimum elevator maintenance level. All repairs are available at extra cost. The features are:

    • All regular servicing
    • Installation and spare parts at a charge
    • All call-outs at a fee

    Goods elevator maintenance

    Do you want an experienced team to handle your goods elevator maintenance requirements? If your elevator breaks down at your busiest period and you need repairs, Australian Construction has you covered. Goods elevators need to work efficiently because if they fail, everything stops, leading to a waste of time and money.

    We maintain your goods elevator regularly, ensuring that your business does not experience any unexpected delays. Our competent team is available to help you keep your elevator working at its optimal level. Call us today to talk about our different contract options.

    Safety upgrades

    Safety is paramount in elevators operations. We depend on elevators to provide safe transportation within buildings safely, and we depend on them to work perfectly each time we enter one. Older style elevators use heavy doors that offer inadequate safety and reliability.

    Having our team give you elevator safety upgrades ensures you get the ideal service in the sector. We utilise the newest technologies and superior quality materials, ensuring that your elevator upgrades have maximum safety and reliability.


    Australian Construction has a team of skilled elevator technicians, and we concentrate our efforts on providing quality elevator services. We are confident about our skills, and we stand out from our competitors because we give priority to safety and design.

    For all your elevators requirements, do not hesitate to call us on 1800 155 881!