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Commercial elevator installation in Darwin

    You may think that the only work an elevator installation project in Darwin involves is installing equipment into stores, office buildings and different multi-storey facilities.

    It is one of our responsibilities at Australian Construction, but we also provide maintenance services. Installing elevators is as essential as maintaining elevators.

    Maintenance is crucial because it helps in avoiding breakdowns that can lead to significant inconveniences. It is especially vital where major hospitals and businesses are concerned.

    A blackout in major organisations can delay staff, making them late for meetings or work. In medical centres and hospitals, the problem can be worse. Hospitals use elevators to transport people experiencing risky emergencies, and delays may lead to tragedy.

    That is why our proficient team does more than install elevators. We also help you to maintain the elevators after installing.

    Providing quality elevator services

    For years Australian Construction has been providing expert repair, service and maintenance to business and commercial clients that surpass industry standards!

    During that time, our qualified staff has developed the skills, knowledge and expertise to ensure that your commercial elevators work at optimal performance and safety.

    When we regularly maintain your elevator system, it saves you money and time. It is crucial to maintain your elevator pro-actively because it can make the difference between fixing the elevator before a problem arises or making an urgent elevator repair call.

    We aim to reduce breakdowns and downtime for all our clients. Your building elevators entail more than any equipment. They represent investment in your visitors’ & staff’s mobility and safety, and ensure your business’ smooth operations. We endeavour to make your investment last.

    Benefits of frequent commercial elevator maintenance & service

    If you entrust us with regular maintenance and servicing of your elevator, you enjoy the following benefits:

    • Your elevator system works consistently, safely and efficiently.
    • Your elevator system runs smoothly and quietly.
    • You save costs due to enhanced energy efficiency.
    • Reduced liability risk.
    • Your staff and guests are safer when using the elevator.
    • Business interruptions because of breakdowns or downtime reduce.
    • Your elevator’s lifespan increases and goes beyond the warranty.

    There are many reasons to consider when installing a new elevator in your Darwin business.

    • Your visitors, clients and staff have easier access into and all over your building, creating a positive feature for your commercial structure.
    • If your business needs constant transportation of physical items between floors, an elevator reduces the possible property damage and harms that people may experience by eliminating the necessity of carrying items up and down the stairs.
    • A new elevator increases your commercial property’s value.

    Commercial elevator modernisation

    At Australian Construction, we have the experience, knowledge and tools to modernise your commercial elevator effectively. We create a total analysis of how your existing elevator is installed and functioning. After this, we set up a custom plan to enhance your elevator to the 21st century!

    This plan includes everything about how the elevator works, its accessibility, the general appearance and cosmetic condition. We also consider its safety features currently installed and the essential ones we can include.

    Our commercial elevator installation services include giving you modernisation solutions like minor refurbishments to major rebuilding or merely replacing ageing and worn parts. We appreciate that you need a reliable elevator that will work efficiently for years.

    Our modernisation process helps to achieve this by improving your elevator’s stability, sound and functioning. Our team ensures that your passengers are safe and that your commercial elevator works efficiently.

    Modernisation is cost-saving and cost-effective.

    An updated and reliable elevator can save your business cash in various ways. Worn elevators that break down often incur expenses each time your building maintenance needs to call for service, especially when there is an emergency. Modernisation facilitates the smooth running of your elevator, eliminating downtime triggered by breakdowns.

    Also, with modernisation, you save energy costs. An improved elevator running on modern equipment and parts operates more efficiently, utilises less energy and saves you money in the future.

    Most elevators that were certified as safe years back do not meet today’s legislative requirements. Modernising your elevator brings it up to code and makes it fully accessible to everyone who needs to use it.

    In addition to our modernisations comfort and safety elements, we can make your elevator an attractive interior area that is enjoyable to use. We provide solutions to enhance your elevator’s appearance and feel, including materials like custom steel and wood and other types of modern interior surfaces. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out all the options we can set up for you.

    Commercial elevator phone monitoring

    Your priority as a property manager or business owner is the security and safety of anyone utilising the commercial elevators on your building. Guests, staff and clients in your building depend on you to make sure that in case an elevator emergency arises, assistance will arrive immediately.

    As the manager or property owner, you are liable when customers, guests, staff or anyone else enters your building. When we monitor your building’s elevator call system 24 hours, it decreases your liability, ensuring the ones using your elevators can access help.

    Trust Australian Construction to ensure that your commercial elevator’s phone systems are operating efficiently, and we monitor them any time they are in use. Commercial elevators utilise various emergency alerts. Hand-held phones, intercoms, buttons all present common methods of allowing riders in the elevator to ask for help when required.

    We provide 24/7 monitoring response and dispatch for all commercial elevator alert system. Our elevator phone monitoring service enables you to fix the procedures to find out how we handle each emergency call. Our sophisticated elevator monitoring recognises every elevator enabling us to know the exact origin of the call.

    Our qualified team then takes suitable action according to your requested procedures. We dispatch emergency services like EMS and fire (or both) and our repair technicians within no time.


    Australian Construction customises the installation and maintenance of elevators. Call us today on 1800 155 881 to find out about our flexible installation and maintenance elevator services with more combinations and options to pick from.

    We eagerly wait to serve you and give you the ideal services you deserve!