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Commercial Elevator Installation On The Gold Coast

    Australian Construction provides quality access solutions at cost-friendly prices. We offer various access solutions like commercial, dumbwaiters and freight elevator installation on the Gold Coast.

    Our team has combined experience in the commercial elevator installation sector, and we use our industry expertise to assist you in picking the ideal access solution.

    We have vast combined experience in the elevator sector, and our team utilises its industry expertise to help you choose the ideal access solution for your requirements. For superior commercial elevators on the Gold Coast, get in touch with Australian Construction today.

    Trustworthy service from design to installation

    We are proud to provide superior service, from design to installation. We have a team of highly competent, in-house technicians who ensure that they install your commercial elevator fast, safely and to top standards. Australian Construction offers quality access solutions like commercial lift and elevator installation on the Gold Coast.

    Commercial elevators & elevators for high rise blocks

    If you are a business owner who wants to enhance your building access with a commercial elevator or are an architect or a builder looking for a commercial elevator for a new project, we have you covered.

    Our various elevators come from the globe’s best commercial elevator builders. We offer commercial elevators that feature a blend of quality engineering and safety with sophisticated, contemporary design throughout Australia.

    Advantages of commercial elevators

    • Adding a commercial elevator to your space, office, or other public building provides more convenience and makes your building accessible to everyone.
    • Commercial elevators enable everyone to access all public buildings and spaces.
    • The commercial elevators provide efficient, reliable and safe travel for individuals between levels.
    • Our fully customisable elevator selections match any building or project requirements.
    • Vertical passenger elevators are compact compared to most staircases and ramps, and they save on space.

    Commercial Elevators

    Our elevator installation firm provides various commercial access solutions like robust commercial elevators. Our experienced in-house technical team offers smooth elevator installation services with minimal interruption.

    Australian Construction also provides maintenance and servicing for your elevator after installing, ensuring that it runs efficiently. For a superior commercial elevator at a cost-effective price, choose our elevators.  We supply and install quality commercial elevators on the Gold Coast.

    Commercial elevator products suitable for any sized area

    We have commercial elevators that come in all sizes and shapes and can fit almost any area. We present gearless and machine-room-less commercial elevators suitable for one or two individuals at a time and commercial elevators rated to accommodate loads of more than 3000 kg.

    If you already own a commercial elevator in our stock, please send us a service enquiry to talk about the maintenance options we can offer. If you need one of our elevators, call us today for a no-obligation quote to discuss your project’s commercial elevator needs.

    Types of commercial elevators


    This type of elevator is best for refurbishment jobs where an elevator shaft already exists. The Optimus is a machine-room-less elevator that utilises an existing elevator shaft as effectively as an old fashioned hydraulic elevator. 


    Best for refurbishments using present elevator shaft

    Our Optimus is best for renovation projects and building refurbishment. This machine room-less elevator uses an existing elevator shaft in the same efficient manner as a hydraulic elevator. It makes maximum use of the shaft, facilitating the biggest possible car size.

    Maximum use of current elevator shafts

    The Optimus presents a machine room-less elevator featuring gearless propulsion. It merely needs 300mm space on the car frame’s side. The counterweight rails and mounting guidance guarantee more space-optimisation.


    It is capable of having single, double and triple openings. It is best for structures with adjacent entrances.

    Energy efficient

    A gearless elevator utilises minimal power than its competitors, and the Optimus can function with a single-phase supply.

    Customisable finishes and features

    Various optional features and finishes mean we can fully customise the Optimus to your requirements.


    We install the Optimus with more restricted headroom clearance and pit depth because certificates allow more size decreases.


    Professional elevator engineers in Australia and abroad have studied the Optimum elevator extensively, and safety tested it for complete peace of mind.

    Symbio commercial elevator

    This machine-room less elevator’s design is meant for medium-rise buildings with maximum foot traffic. The Symbio travels to a maximum of 25 m with a 3000 kg weight capacity.


    Space maximisation

    The Symbio lacks a machine room, which signifies you will enjoy floor space that was initially wasted on elevator componentry. Instead, we install the control unit in the landing door frame.

    Environmentally friendly

    The machine does not have gear, so it decreases power consumption. The Symbio elevator features low power consumption than its competitors and does not use any oil.

    Very quiet

    Since the Symbio is gearless, it does not produce vibrations or noise pollution and is long-lasting.

    Smooth travel

    The Symbio elevator has a portico frame featuring 2:1 suspension that guarantees comfortable and safe travel.

    Fully customisable

    Due to its variety of finishes and different features, our team can fully customise the Symbio to your requirements.


    Expert elevator engineers have conducted comprehensive safety studies so you can travel with complete peace of mind.

    Aritco 7000 platform elevator

    The Australian Construction Aritco 7000 platform elevator blends and complements any surrounding, externally and internally, with the right aesthetic touch.

    This elevator has an efficient nut, and screw drive system and these elevators are available with a shaft. We provide and install superior commercial elevators all over the Gold Coast at affordable costs.

    This type of elevator is 4m high in a commercial application and is suitable for most light industrial projects. This elevator’s carrying capacity is 400 kg with an optional upgrade of 500 kg. Call our sales team for more information about our Aritco 7000 platform elevator range.

    The ideal choice for the office

    The Aritco 700 (enclosed) elevator is ideal for external and internal applications. It provides an aesthetic solution and is an affordable option since it has its own shaft, minimising building costs. This shaft consists of either powder or glazing coated metal cladding or a blend of the two.

    The Aritco 700 is Europe-manufactured by the top leaders in vertical platform elevators. This elevator’s major advantage is its low headroom and shallow pit requirement.  We provide the Aritco 7000 in numerous sizes and designs. This platform elevator takes your mobility to new levels and makes buildings more valuable.


    For all your elevator installation needs on the Gold Coast, look no further than Australian Construction. We have the expertise and skills to help you choose the ideal elevator for your needs. Our competent team is available from beginning to end in the installation process.

    We promise that the final result will bring a smile to your face. So call us today on 1800 155 881!