Professional Commercial And Industrial Elevator Installation Melbourne


Commercial Elevator Installation In Melbourne

    Australian Construction provides a wide variety of elevator products in Melbourne and its surroundings. We have picked our maintenance staff meticulously to handle a significant range of old and new products.

    Our team at Australian Construction is reliable, highly competent, and friendly and is the leading expert in commercial elevator installation services in Melbourne.

    Our expert team professionally handles commercial elevator installation projects in Melbourne. We manufacture and install new elevators and can upgrade pre-existing ones. Our skilled team fixes what others have been unable to address and will consult with you on other improvement areas.

    Our objective is to keep our customers satisfied, so they keep coming back time and time again.

    Elevator installation

    New elevators

    Australian Construction provides a variety of products, and for years, we have given our customers high quality and cost-effective products. We have various display materials and working elevators at our showroom to enable our clients to experience our quality elevators and choose their finishes.

    Please book an appointment with our engineers to find out the ideal fit to suit your requirements.

    We provide various elevators for:

    Elevator Finishes and customising your elevator

    We provide a significant variety of elevator finishes, enabling you to customise your elevator to your structure’s requirements. Our skilled team can customise floors, walls, ceilings, elevator cabins, doors and control panels, each with various options.

    We welcome you to our showroom so you can choose from our various sample furnishings and finishes like:

    • Doors
    • Elevator cabins
    • Control panels
    • Floors, walls and ceilings

    Commercial Elevators

    Australian Construction has elevators for all kinds of commercial applications. We have elevators to suit all applications like retail stores, shopping centres, warehouses, factories, office buildings and hospitals throughout the Melbourne region.

    They are best for unrestricted, public utilisation. Besides selling commercial elevators, we also install and service your elevator and perform all the essential maintenance in-house.

    Qualities of our commercial elevators:

    • Sliding or swinging doors
    • High speed, minimal noise
    • Service and maintenance
    • Pit depth and low headroom options
    • Steel elevator shafts manufactured in Melbourne.
    • Models are suitable for building accessibility.
    • Automatic load management

    Elevator Modernisation

    Refurbishing your existing elevator

    Our team are a technology-based firm with in-house elevator designers and engineers. We are proud of modernising, refurbishing, and changing tired, decrepit old gear into reliable and comfortable elevators. The elevator technicians we have deliver our projects on time and according to budget.

    Melbourne’s commercial elevator installation provide a comprehensive service, from simple appointment alterations to complete pull out and replacement.

    If your elevator is old and non-functional, our team visits your site and provides you with a free and candid assessment of your elevator. You will have various options to help you decide.

    It is cost-effective to modernise elevators, compared to replacing, and it causes minimal interruption to the building occupants. We only use top-quality equipment.

    Maintenance is essential

    Our qualified team uses the elevators agreements below partly or fully to meet legislative needs.  Our team is always eager to assist and to ensure that you understand what you have chosen. Australian Construction provides an obligation free elevator analysis and then suggests which service is best for you based on this assessment.

    The WorkSafe requirements for all elevators are:

    • Elevators should have regular maintenance.
    • The elevators should have a yearly documented safety check.
    • The elevator needs a working emergency telephone. For commercial elevators, it should be hands-free and feature auto-dial, with a 24/7 after-hours service.

    Elevator manufacture

    For many years, Australian Construction staff has been re-engineering, designing, and testing steel elevator towers, elevator components and elevator packages.

    We are leading experts in Melbourne on elevator installation and service, and when you choose us, it means you’ll be working with a local company that deals with all components of a project in-house.

    This enables Australian Construction staff to provide solutions to your problems, assisting with design, equipment, and any other concerns that may arise before installation.  Our firm is based on technical skills and supports the wider elevator industry.

    LU/LA commercial elevators

    Today’s world is complicated, and ease of accessibility presents an important aspect of customer service. When you provide access to your business, whether you are planning a remodelling or new construction project in an existing structure, complying with ADA requirements is not only a legal matter but a proactive business strategy also. When your clients reach you easily, it gives you a multifaceted advantage.

    We fully customise the LU/LA (limited use and limited application) to blend in with your facility’s design easily.  This is an affordable elevator suitable for commercial use in low-rise buildings with two to three floors.

    It presents a fully enclosed and heavy duty elevator, rated for loads of even 1400 lbs. This elevator provides an affordable solution for museums, schools and health clinics.

    Renovating and refurbishing your existing elevator

    Our qualified team focuses on refurbishing and upgrading existing elevators. We use a powerful elevator design and manufacturing history together with vast elevator sector experience and skills.

    It enables us to give you an innovative and site-specific solution for your elevator.  For every project, we aim to achieve the following outcomes:

    • Maintain a safe working surrounding
    • Timely completion
    • On budget completion
    • Meet the specification or exceed it

    We attain our results by ensuring our team invests enough time in a project before beginning work on site. When we invest in the time, it allows us to decrease the programming risk linked to upfront modernisation work. It gives us time to recognise and plan how to conquer any barriers that might hinder us from attaining our results on time.


    Australian Construction believes that for us to achieve great outcomes, we need to forge strong relationships with our customers. Our team takes time to know you and comprehend your daily requirements, and we design an elevator solution to match them. 

    Some clients wish to get involved in all the procedure’s details, and we are happy to accommodate you. Alternatively, if you want us to do it for you, we give you updates when necessary.

    Our priority is to give you complete satisfaction with the final result!