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Commercial Elevator Installation In Newcastle

    When you are looking for commercial elevator installation service, choose a professional office elevator firm like Australian Construction to transform your office’s mobility. We do not compromise on quality and integrity, and that is why you should choose an expert firm.

    We have many years’ experience, and we focus on client satisfaction. You can rely on our elevator installation services in Newcastle to install your commercial elevator smoothly. 

    Our fully trained and experienced team carries out elevator installations using superior professional standards, ensuring that they deliver the project on budget and on time.

    Australian Construction’s main objective is to set exceptional quality, pricing, customer experience and project safety standards. We utilise our combined expertise to give ourselves a competitive edge over our competitors in our field.

    Our team of experts values our customers’ satisfaction and pays great attention to detail when considering your requests. This ensures that your commercial elevator meets all your requirements and expectations.


    For your elevator equipment to give you long-term reliability, maintenance is essential. Our team appreciates how important it is to service your elevator, to maintain safety, performance, presentation and reliability.

    Our technician’s wealth of experience and updated training enables them to carry out repairs on elevators from a wide range of manufacturers.

    If you are being overcharged for maintenance, call us today to get a better deal. We will organise a free elevator inspection and draw up a maintenance agreement to suit your requirements.


    Elevators are like other mechanical machinery; they go through wear and tear with time. Eventually, the parts do not deliver consistent and reliable function as initially intended.

    At some point, upgrading your elevator equipment will be necessary, to improve and optimise its performance, leading to its longevity. Whether your elevator requires a compliance upgrade, cosmetic upgrade, major or minor mechanical upgrade, Australian Construction is here to help! 

    We use our years of modernisation experience to present recommendations and tailored upgrade options. We work with you to get the ideal lasting solution for your elevator equipment at an affordable cost.


    When our team of experts decides that they cannot improve the existing elevator installations, we give you full elevator replacements with customised elevators that suit any existing elevator shaft. We provide a variety of options that we discuss before the final approval. 

    At Australian Construction, we endeavour to get methods of optimising client benefits while maintaining low costs. For instance, we retain existing landing frames. It provides savings on builders’ works and facilitates preserving our client’s original traditional foyer designs.

    Our company has been replacing elevators all over Newcastle for many years. We only utilise reliable and trusted suppliers to source top quality parts and elevator equipment. We are proud to maintain our impeccable reputation in the sector and always put our client’s needs first.  

    New Installations 

    We install new elevators in new buildings. Our elevators are fully compliant with Australian Standards and meet all the required regulations. If you have building plans or would like us to provide you with appropriate shaft sizes that suit your needs, please let us know.

    Contact us today to find out more.

    Small Commercial Elevators

    For small commercial elevators, significant experience and knowledge are essential. Integrity and quality is crucial, and you should work with an expert like Australian Construction.

    We combine our vast experience with a dedicated team of small commercial elevator professionals, ensuring that we carry out high-quality work.  We implement our efficiency to give you cost-effective prices for each installation of small commercial elevators. 

    Australian Construction elevators consistently push us to set exceptional standards for quality, customer experience, pricing and project safety. We utilise our collective experience to give ourselves a competitive advantage over others in our field. 

    We utilise our wide experience in all the small commercial elevators projects we undertake. Our skilled team ensures that they deliver ideal service and give our valued clients the best experience.

    Our culture at Australian Construction is to treat each project like it belongs to a family member. So, we continue enhancing our awesome reputation while setting up a community within our business. 

    The following qualities guide us:

    • High-quality artistry
    • Financial responsibility to our customers.
    • Top standards in price control
    • A genuine focus on client satisfaction
    • On a budget and on time
    • We have constant standards in every project we deliver.

    Elevator servicing

    Australian Construction is a countrywide elevator-servicing firm. We have fully trained elevator engineers who utilise unique equipment to repair, service and upgrade your elevator equipment. We are a leading elevator company in Australia and deliver the best work possible.

    Elevator servicing options

    Elevator maintenance: Our expert engineers perform elevator maintenance according to government regulations. Our team prepares elevator maintenance bespoke or plans elevator service contracts.

    Elevator repairs:  Our rapid response staff of engineers in Australia is available in Newcastle to repair your elevator fast, ensuring your business’s efficient running.

    Elevator refurbishments:  We carry out comprehensive site surveys to improve your elevators and align them with unique elevator technology and state legislation. It is crucial for companies that need a dependable elevator, reduced repair costs and improved operational efficiency.

    Elevator refurbishment

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in refurbishing elevators of all sizes across all sectors. We have heavy-duty goods elevators in manufacturing amenities, high-speed hotel passenger elevators and more. Instead of replacing your elevator you can have our expert team refurbish your existing elevator, restoring it to its original look.

    We modernise and update elevators to enhance reliability, giving you a smoother ride experience and increased energy efficiency. Our pricing is competitive and our project management’s professionalism is exceptional.


    We carry out elevator installations, maintenance and servicing in Newcastle. So if you live here, you have ready access to our elevator engineers and elevator services. 

    We carry out quality commercial elevator installation in Newcastle, delivered by our team of highly trained engineers, to give you quality services elevator installation, refurbishment, repairs and maintenance.

    For quality services, do not hesitate to call Australian Construction now on 1800 155 881!