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Commercial Elevator Installation In Perth

    Australian Construction has years of experience designing, building, installing and servicing elevators.  Our portfolio is broad, extending to hundreds of completed projects across commercial sectors. Our commercial elevator installations in Perth are our source of pride.  We work with reputable firms to install elevators in major commercial projects.

    We have provided services to high-end luxury hotels, office towers, airport terminals, etc.  Our elevator installations services are part of our commitment to providing hassle-free operation and industry-leading service.

    Australian Construction is the choice company in Perth for dumbwaiters and maintaining and servicing elevators to maintain our clients’ operations without disruption.

    Commercial Elevators Services

    The skilled team at Australian Construction supplies, installs and maintains various commercial elevators to facilitate your business.  Our elevator installation in Perth includes installing commercial elevators in new buildings, modernisation, elevator upgrades, ongoing maintenance, servicing and repairs, and elevator breakdown support.

    Despite your requirements or space, our competent team will find an effective elevator solution for you. Our elevators feature elegant modern interiors and a smooth ride, and our elevators impact every commercial building.  

    We work with the best global manufacturers to bring reliability, performance and quality to development projects all over Perth to ensure we meet our customers’ commercial and compliance needs.

    Mixed-use & Shopping centres

    Bespoke solutions are essential for mixed-use facilities to cater to the various dining venues, storefronts, and offices. Australian Construction brings you a unique approach to these projects based on our honed skills. Our elegant commercial elevators move easily between floors catering for commercial visitors.

    Modern office buildings

    In big contemporary offices, elevators might be the most regularly used amenity. It can be extremely frustrating for office workers in Perth who need to rush to a meeting or home when they experience broken-down elevators or full elevators.

    The Australian Construction team designs, installs, and services Perth’s most dependable office elevators. Their maximum capacities are between 8-33 people; therefore, downtime and space is not a problem.

    Universities and Schools

    A rising number of secondary and primary schools in Perth are utilising elevators to enhance space. For our education customers, safety and user-friendly features are our main concerns because people of all abilities and ages will use the elevators.

    Our team are also experts in elevator installations for older structures. Our solutions easily combine modern updates without compromising on the heritage looks of the building.


    We install elevators in Perth, providing a unique solution for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and hotels. In a kitchen where space is important, a dumbwaiter facilitates fast and safe transport of groceries, dishes, drinks and food between floors. All the dumbwaiters we install in Perth are customised to suit the venue’s space and requirements.

    We provide various commercial dumbwaiters for varied applications. Dumbwaiters have a significant weight-bearing capability of between 30 and 100kg in limited space, making them an ideal addition to contemporary food service.

    At Australian Construction, we customise your dumbwaiter using multiple doors, a self-supporting steel tower and shelving. We manufacture our dumbwaiters using sturdy steel components, and they have the load-bearing capacity, giving the dumbwaiters flawless movement. 

    They make life a breeze in any commercial kitchen. The end product is low profile and significantly useful, and it is your ideal companion in the kitchen!

    Modern Luxury

    Australian Construction has been in the elevator business for years, and we have earned ourselves the reputation of being premier elevator installation specialists in Perth. We provide dumbwaiters and commercial elevators with high capacity. Our skilled team provides a fully tailored solution to meet your requirements.

    We are proud to supply and service the most dependable elevators in Perth. Whether you want to add a elevator to an existing facility or seek suggestions for a new build, we are available to help. Additionally, we provide maintenance and servicing for all our installations and different manufacturer’s elevators.

    Customised Solutions

    The Australian Construction range of top-notch commercial elevators gives stylish and functional transport in any commercial surrounding. Our variety of Sprint, Panoramic, and Express elevators signifies that we can tailor a solution that suits your needs.

    All our elevators are comprehensive, featuring the newest control technology and have the highest environmental and safety standards.

    Commercial Elevator Maintenance

    Our skilled team services all elevator types to ensure reduced downtime in offices, mixed-use facilities, and different commercial surroundings. We have flexible maintenance selections customised to your needs, including 24/7 call-outs and full-service response times in the sector.

    Our elevator maintenance team in Perth is fully equipped to repair and service our elevators and other brands. We have a warehouse of small and large elevator parts in Perth and the experience to efficiently solve any elevator problem, surpassing any other firm in Perth.

    Commercial repairs and maintenance of elevators

    To protect your investment and facilitate continuous operation, Australian Construction maintains and repairs all types of commercial elevators. Our professional team also upgrades existing elevators, making them easier to use and safer with the newest technology.

    With our flexible maintenance plans, you, your staff and clients can have peace of mind, knowing that our team will resolve the issue safely and efficiently in case of elevator breakdowns.

    Dumbwaiter Maintenance

    Dumbwaiters are handy tools in commercial kitchens. Therefore, they must work flawlessly. At Australian Construction, we install and service various Manwell dumbwaiters with a capacity of 30-100kg and provide maintenance to all the other models.

    We are highly skilled in elevator maintenance, and the Australian Construction service team in Perth specialises in repairing and servicing dumbwaiters in all settings. Our team also upgrades your existing dumbwaiter using a more effective system. Alternatively, we replace the entire unit with minimal service interruption.

    At Australian Construction, we attend to unique issues the food industry faces and have earned the reputation of the most dependable dumbwaiter service company in Perth.


    Call us today to discover how years of experience can help you get ideal dumbwaiters and commercial elevator installation services in Perth. Our high-quality equipment gives you a long service life, and we also design our equipment to ensure low maintenance costs and reliability. We also provide maintenance and service 24/7.

    For flawless and dependable elevator function in high volume commercial surroundings, trust Australian Construction!