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Commercial Elevator Installation In Sydney

    Welcome to Australian Construction! If you want one of the most revered elevator firms in Sydney, do not look any further. Our qualified team provides elevator and stair-lift services to suit your needs. We provide elevator installation services in Sydney and we have experts who have worked in the commercial elevator installation industry for years. 

    Our technicians have gained valuable knowledge and experience.  We always remain updated with the newest elevator technology, ensuring that we always give our valued clients the very best.

    The team we have prioritise safety and offer a service that keeps you, your employees and visitors safe, and others using the elevator.

    Small Commercial Elevators

    In the elevator sector, civil engineering knowledge and experience is crucial in understanding installation of commercial elevators. At Australian Construction, we appreciate that integrity and quality are paramount, and we never compromise on this. 

    We combine our years of experience with a diligent team of commercial elevator professionals, which enable us to ensure that we provide high standard services without compromising our efficiency. We provide cost-effective prices for each commercial elevator installation. 

    Australian Construction elevators consistently push us to raise our unique standards in customer experience, quality, project safety and pricing. Our collective experience gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors. We provide elevator installation jobs in Sydney and our professional team follows the principles below for excellent services:

    • Superior craftsmanship and quality
    • Consistent quality in every project we deliver
    • On budget and on time policy
    • Total dedication to customer satisfaction
    • Superior standards in cost control

    Elevator Modernisation

    We provide modernisation packages to advance each elevator. Whether the job involves small improvements or a comprehensive, tailored overhaul elevator solution is needed, we are glad to help, with minimal cost impact. Our elevator installation services in Sydney upgrades your existing elevator to attain safety, design, performance and reliability, matching the current market. 

    Many elements can affect the lifespan of an elevator structure, such as exposure to the outdoor elements, type of goods being carried, frequency of use, passengers transported and the regularity and quality of maintenance services. 

    Below are some reasons you should consider a minor upgrade or comprehensive elevator solution overhaul to maintain your elevator’s safety and decrease your operation expenses and inconvenience.

    • Constant breakdowns
    • Interior is outdated 
    • The elevator is over 10 years old.
    • Uneven floor levelling
    • Changed elevator and building demand and use

    Commercial elevators Specialists

    Australian Construction specialises in the design, supply and installation of various commercial elevators. The elevator installation team in Sydney works closely with many businesses in the industrial and commercial elevators. We have expert installers with enough experience to meet commercial clients’ needs.

    The customised approach we have improves your workflow’s efficacy and delivers an affordable solution to cater for your particular vertical transport requirements. We have many traction and hydraulic elevators.

    These products are available in many colours and styles to match your décor. Also, our team can install products to suit your weight capacity requirements. All the commercial elevators we supply are designed and installed to follow the Australian Industry Standards.  

    Highly Skilled Installers

    You work with highly trained technicians from enquiry to installation to complete your work. Our skilled team of installers always looks for ideal solutions to enhance the commercial arena. Work spaces regularly experience aesthetic variations and significant overhauls, and we provide customised solutions, keeping your worksite contemporary and efficient.

     Low-Rise Platform Elevator

    Australian Construction specialises in designing and installing the low-rise platform. Do you wish to avoid the cost of a long-distance ramp? We offer a wonderful low-rise platform as a wonderful space-saving alternative. Our team manufactures tailor-made platform elevators to cater to various commercial purposes.

     Benefits of Low-rise platform elevator

    We custom-build each elevator to suit your exterior and interior layout   and   your personal needs. 

    • It suits individuals of all ages with restricted mobility.
    • This elevator travels to a maximum of 1.5m.  
    • It suits outdoor and indoor areas.
    • We manufacture the elevators to Australian Standards.
    • It provides convenient access within or into any structure.
    • We provide safe platform elevators for utilising any mobility aid, from manual wheelchairs, large power chairs and walking frames.

     Easy to use

    The simplest and safest method of transporting individuals with restricted movement is a low-rise platform. We have straightforward elevators that anyone can use alone. Every elevator has simple to follow braille commands and tactile buttons.

    There is also a useful remote you can use without utilising control buttons. Also, the retractable ramp gives you an easily accessible elevator.

     Self-sufficient and safe

    We have a dedicated team that designs and manufactures every platform to meet high quality standards. We install our platform elevators with features to safeguard you when leaving or entering your elevator and during your travel. The elevator has the following features:

    • Emergency lowering command
    • Audible alarm
    • Retractable ramp
    • Platform barrier arm
    • Emergency stop button
    • Anti-entrapment walls
    • Anti-entrapment blind securing the elevator’s underside
    • Upper landing has an interlock landing gate barrier arm.

    Distraction-free installation

    Australian Construction works closely with architects, businesses, designers, and property owners to give you an affordable, efficient travel solution. If you are building or installing a new property or an existing one, our expert team can install any time with minimal disturbance to your customers, clients and residents.

     Support and maintenance

    Whether Australian Construction has installed your platform elevator or you have an existing one, we offer ongoing maintenance for all models and makes.  To maintain your elevator’s top working condition, we advise you to have our team service your elevator regularly.  It will facilitate the smooth running of your elevator and ensure it lasts.


    At Australian Construction, you get an excellent product and peace of mind because your residents can travel on their own safely. An elevator spares you the worry about family, customers, clients and friends accessing your premises.

    We are specialists in bespoke commercial elevator installations, maintenance and modernisation for commercial, education, health and retail buildings all over Sydney.

    We will be happy to handle all your elevator needs, whether new installations or maintenance, we have your back!