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Commercial Elevator Installation In Townsville

    Australian Construction provides various commercial access solutions like versatile commercial elevators. Our experienced in-house technicians offer smooth elevator installation services with the least interruption. We also provide maintenance and servicing jobs after installing your elevator to ensure it operates efficiently.

    For a quality, cost-effective commercial elevator, choose our professional commercial elevator installation services in Townsville. We have ideal elevators for commercial applications like the Australian Construction 16 elevator range.

    We provide them with various finishes and accessories suitable for all tastes. Our many years of combined experience in the elevator sector give our team the necessary skills to carry out the job correctly with minimal interruption in your life.

    Aritco 7000 Platform Elevator

    Our Aritco 7000 platform elevator blends and complements any surrounding, externally and internally, with just the right appealing touch. This elevator has a steadfast screw & nut drive system, and we provide these elevators with a shaft.

    We offer supplies and install high-quality commercial elevators in Townsville at affordable rates. Get in touch today for a free quote.

    We use our Aritco 7000 elevators for outside or inside purposes.  This elevator has a 4 meters’ maximum elevator height in a commercial application. This elevator is suitable for most light industrial projects.

    The elevators’ carrying capacity is 400kg with an optional upgrade of 500kg. Call our sales team for more details about this elevator.

    The ideal choice for office

    Australian Construction Aritco 7000 (enclosed) elevator is the best for either external or internal applications. It offers an aesthetic solution and is also a cost-effective choice because it has a shaft, reducing the building cost.

    The shaft consists of either powder coated or glazing metal cladding or a blend of the two. This elevator’s primary benefit is its low headroom and shallow pit requirement. Our skilled team needs a 50mm set-down to give you a smooth transition onto the platform. We also have Ramp Options.

    We provide the Aritco 7000 in different sizes and designs. With this platform elevator, you can improve your mobility and add value to your building. This elevator’s most outstanding feature is its small size.

    We can fit the elevator into existing structures without changing the basic floor plan too much. This elevator is moderately quiet since hydraulic pumps are not necessary for propelling the elevator.

    It’s screw, system and nut electric motor drive unit is simple but very reliable. Australian Construction has various colours and finishes available for you to choose from. It is an outstanding feature in your elevator project. 

    Orion C350

    The Orion C350’s unique hydraulic system and structure mean that the customary building cost linked to overhead space, machine rooms, and load-bearing walls is unnecessary. Our Orion C350 is the biggest among our elevators and travels up to 7.5 metres. It is ideal for government buildings, organisations, schools and factories.

    Why preventative elevator maintenance is important

    An elevator is the same as purchasing a new car. It presents the same level of investment and ‘duty of care’ to facilitate all occupants’ continuous operation. Similar to a vehicle, an elevator’s mechanical and electronic components need frequent servicing and inspection.

    Australian Construction elevator maintenance has the following benefits:

    • Enhanced continuous elevator reliability and safety
    • Cutting your costs by recognising issues before significant wear happens.
    • Lowers the risk of expensive breakdowns and your elevator being out of service.
    • Enhanced resale value in the future for your building.

    Elevator repair service

    If your elevator is broken, do not despair. Australian Construction is a leader in elevator repair services. Our skilled team has the skills to repair elevators because they have been in this industry for years. We provide help and quotes today.

    If your elevator breaks down suddenly, it affects visitors, customers, vendors and employees. We rely on elevators to make our lives easier.  In a lot of instances, we cannot function without them. When the elevator does not work, it is impossible to carry heavy goods, carts and items from floor to floor.

    Failing to seek our expert elevator services when your elevator breaks down leads to inconvenience to everyone entering and leaving the building. At times, depending on the city you reside in, it can even be against the law. With time, broken parts corrode, and the elevator’s wear worsens. It also poses a liability for elderly or injured visitors.

    Call the commercial elevator installation experts today.

    Business owners, and landlords are at a loss on whom to for elevator repairs. So, they hire building managers, janitors and other under-qualified individuals who are not conversant with the technologies to make fast repairs.

    Our expert team designs, makes, and implements elevators. If you are looking for an elevator repair firm to fix the issue, contact the experts. Our company is familiar with vital codes, structural requirements, and best practices on a commercial level.

    When you use our expertise and knowledge, it will definitely make you happy! And if your elevator is beyond repair, we will be happy to give you a total upgrade and modernisation.

    We will give you a quote, and you can purchase one of our products to bring your premises up to code. We are a network of experts and a commercial elevator installation company in Townsville. We take extra measures to ensure that you and your building’s guests can ride safely.

    Even if your elevator is well-maintained, in the end, it may be necessary to replace or overhaul the equipment. Modifying a current system is called modernisation, and it may be partial or full. If we add new rails to your current elevator or install a new elevator from the ground up, we consider the project a new construction.


    Australian Construction has many qualified technicians, allowing us to give our clients fast service and quick installations. We also have a 24/7-response service to facilitate the smooth operation of your elevator at all times. Australian Construction is the top elevator installation and supplier in Townsville.

    Our years of experience makes us proud to provide superior elevator installations at competitive prices. We provide a comprehensive elevator installation and maintenance service. Our team helps you to pick the right elevator and keep you informed all through the installation procedure.

    For all your elevator needs for your business in Townsville, call us today on 1800 155 881