Local Excavation Contractor Service In Adelaide And Surrounding Areas


Why You Need A Professional Excavation Contractor In Adelaide

    Australian Construction is proud to offer the best excavation and earthmoving services in Adelaide. We have a team of earthmoving specialists who prepare your site for a basement, retaining wall, new home, driveway and all kinds of building projects.

    Our excavation contractors in Adelaide are specialists in swimming pool demolition throughout Adelaide and remove decrepit and undesirable pools, replacing them with perfectly landscaped spaces.

    You may be a builder supervising a building project or a home-owner; whatever the case, we have the machinery and skills to prepare your site for construction.  We have learnt from experience that if the digging or earthmoving procedure is handled well, the remaining procedure for swimming pool building runs flawlessly. 

    Why professional excavation is important

    • The excavation sector is not for the faint at heart. Even though it is a high-risk sector, it provides many gains. The excavation contractor in Adelaide’s success depends on their commitment, type of equipment and employees, and certifications
    • So, when hiring professional excavation contractors, you need to be careful. As a landowner or home-owner, excavation is essential on your property. If you need to clear an access path or need landscaping, it would be best to hire our professionals. We use the correct equipment and excavations methods.
    • We work on different kinds of soil and ground and have vast experience in this. So, you can hire us to work on any soil and ground. Different soil types react differently to excavation. Our well-trained teams are knowledgeable and can handle various excavation issues. Non-professionals lack this awareness and are not qualified to handle such problems. It is essential to hire experienced excavators like Australian Construction who have the right certification.
    • If you do the excavation work yourself, it may lead to problems because you do not have excavation work expertise. At Australian Construction, we use the correct techniques and equipment to avoid saltation and erosion.
    • When you hire a professional excavation contractor for excavation works on your home or land in Adelaide, it positively impacts your surroundings. The reason is experts like us understand the importance of keeping away from environmental elements. We take the necessary steps to eliminate or minimise harm to such structures.
    • At Australian Construction, we provide superior skills and have the best equipment for the project. We have the correct equipment and machines to do your job.

    Trenching Contractor

    Our team offers different trenching equipment. Despite the conditions required, we need the perfect match with the appropriate piece of equipment.

    We use several methods to carry out trenching in Adelaide. We use the following:

    • Backhoe
    • Excavator
    • Mini excavator
    • Chain Trencher

    Our skilled team uses one of the methods mentioned to complete trenching work. To decrease the disruption to the nearby area, we’ll use the most suitable technique.

    Trenching Equipment

    One of our leading specialty services is our capability to trench through hard rock. We are professional trenching contractors in Adelaide, so we have a range of different size trenchers; we own and run our rock trenchers.  Not many contractors in the area are M3 and M5 Mechanical trenchers, TRS-900 TESMECs and TRS-1000 owners.

    Our firm has extremely efficient trenches that cut through rocks. Compared to the alternative blasting and drilling method, this equipment works perfectly by grinding the rock into tiny particles, forming a thin, smooth trench.

    Hire our qualified operators

    You can hire our trenches and also any of our qualified operators for trenching jobs. It means we offer skilled labour and the equipment that is required for the job. This method is affordable for you, in contrast to using a direct trenching contractor in Adelaide.

    We use top-notch artistry and materials. Our excavation contractor in Adelaide guarantees that you will enjoy superior-quality trenching work. Together with demobilisation and mobilisation, the lease agreement mainly includes the machinery and its operator.

    The lessee has the responsibility of replacing the damaged carbide teeth and fuelling the equipment. If you want to use earthmoving equipment in Adelaide, we are ready to assist you.

    Earthmoving Services

    Earthmoving is a challenging job; however, it relieves stress when you use the correct equipment on the ground. An excavation contractor has all that is required to move the earth. It does not matter how difficult the work is; we have all the solutions for it.

    Our expert team at Australian Construction has the essential expertise to level sites, transport backfill, load aggregates and excavate ditches.  We are always ready to perform. We have top-rated earthmoving equipment. Our company also has loaders, dumper trucks, and excavators of all sizes.

    We hire a variety of accessories as well, like earth drills, buckets and breakers. You can pick from any of the earthmoving equipment we have like:

    Attachments and Tractors

    Whether your requirements are agricultural or construction, the excavation contractor in Adelaide presents various associated attachments to suit them. We have a range of 4×2 and 4×4 tractors in our possession, in our series of tractor-type attachments and dozer’s.


    When earthmoving is needed, our robust backhoes always provide top performance. These machines for digging provide significant 

    comfort and application tractability. They ensure maximum machine utilisation in any working area and easily adapt to working with various tools. They provide brilliant travel performance, reliability and durability.


    Australian Construction has GPS guides and mine spec equipped excavators for hire. You can hire our excavators and use it for various applications. They consist of many work tools and go up to 35ft. To decrease fatigue and increase output, they have well-positioned switches and gauges fixed on them.

    Site Dumpers

    It is the ideal equipment for you if you want to move material around small work sites. Our Australian Construction site dumpers can work efficiently, even in very soft marshy surfaces because they have low-ground pressure tires. Some of the machines are wholly equipped with enfolded AC cab.


    Do you wish to design a new canal, level an uneven landscape or fill up a swamp? Australian Construction works on your projects according to schedule. We are confident in approaching any job of any size and have built our reputation around providing a service people can trust.  

    Contact us today to get the best services for excavation jobs in Adelaide.