Top Quality Ballarat Excavation Contractor From Aus Construction

Ballarat Excavation Contractor

Ballarat Excavation Contractor

    You may be searching for ideal excavation contractors in Ballarat. Because of this, the options are many. However, Australian Construction is the only one you can truly trust for flexible and reliable services. Furthermore, our excavation contractor in Ballarat offers quick and safe excavations. 

    We also provide timely and compliant dirt and soil removal. Besides, we offer everything else you require for domestic and industrial projects. Similarly, we handle government and industrial work. We have worked in the excavation sector for years. Therefore, we are your one-stop shop for your future soil removal work.

    Our experienced team cuts and fills, and we also dig and demolish. For this reason, we utilise only the best machinery and plant. Hence, we handle excavations of all sizes and complexities. Another important point is that we never disappoint our valuable clients. 

    Call us today for the excavation services you need.

    Earthmoving work

    For reliable earthworks and similar industry services, you should not only depend on a trusted name. But, you need to know that the individuals behind that reputation are the most crucial. Our excavation industry is highly specialised. Because of this, it can make or break your project. 

    Therefore, you can have peace of mind when you hire Australian Construction. In other words, our team has the necessary experience, training and qualifications. In light of this, they deliver your work to your specifications quickly.

    Bulk excavations

    Our excavation contractor in Ballarat offers detailed earthworks as well as large-scale bulk services. That is to say, these services cater for all your loading needs. It also takes care of your disposal and cartage requirements. In this case, it is accessible to all light and commercial, industrial basement excavations. We specifically use new model equipment and plant. Moreover, our operators are verified, fully licensed and experienced.

    The excavation contractor in Ballarat provides these services:

    • Bulk cut to fill
    • Site clearing
    • Pile caps
    • Pad & strip footings
    • Set-downs
    • Batters & benches
    • Rock excavation
    • Mobile contract crushing & screening
    • Lay-down area preparation

    Materials management solutions

    Our competent team moves all materials from the excavation works. They do this with attention to the relevant regulations, ensuring they adhere to them. Accordingly, contractors equipped with the essential licenses and permits oversee this task. 

    Where possible, we reuse materials according to our environmental commitments. Whereas where this is not practical, we throw away contaminated materials. We do it at a range of approved landfills.

    The excavation contractor in Ballarat manages:

    • Cartage & tipping
    • Tracking and reporting
    • Clean fill & contaminated soil
    • Rock breaking services

    For the most efficient and quickest rock breaking services, call us today. Our excavator contractor in Ballarat will deliver to your precise needs. 

    We are specialists in offering superior rock breaking services. For one thing, we have a team of highly skilled specialists. Secondly, they are equipped with a range of the latest heavy machinery and equipment. In this regard, they deliver the fastest, safest and most affordable jobs.


    Australian Construction is fully insured and licensed. Because of this, you can rely on us to follow the strictest quality and safety standards the industry and government authorities set. Our key personnel are very experienced. 

    We expertly work on major as well as smaller projects. The excavation contractor in Ballarat has a growing fleet of modern trucks and equipment.  Again, we deliver your future project safely and efficiently.

    Our client’s satisfaction is our key concern. For this reason, we strive to offer the best services. By the same token, we aim to give you a unique finished product. Also, we deliver on time and within budget.

      Therefore, if you want a reliable excavation company, call us now.