Outstanding Excavation Contractor Services In Bendigo

Bendigo Excavation Contractor

Bendigo Excavation Contractor

    Australian Construction has worked in many demolitions works in Bendigo. Furthermore, our excavation contractor in Bendigo is famous. Notably, it is because of our timely and safe job completion. Despite your demolition needs, we go the extra mile.

    Our team will be happy to meet with you to discuss plans. Also, we can give you more information, if you need it. Additionally, we can present our proposals for future projects to match your needs. We specialise in all kinds of demolition and removal like:

    • Strip outs
    • Full & partial demolition
    • Dismantling structure
    • Asbestos 
    • Excavation 
    • Residential and domestic demolition
    • Asbestos removal

    At Australian Construction, we have a fully licensed and qualified asbestos removalist. Demolitions improve your site’s safety. Our skilled team first breaks down the asbestos products and sheeting. Second, they remove it, and third, they dispose of it.

    Excavation & site clearing

    Our excavation contractor in Bendigo handles various services. We work on fire-damaged structures. Besides, we also do site levelling and also excavation work. Furthermore, we are well equipped. Hence, we provide different excavation services. You may want us to clear a site. Or maybe you need excavation or levelling. In that case, call us to arrange a free, no-obligation quote.

    Full & partial demolition

    For us, where partial demolition is concerned, no job is too small or big. Our experienced team demolishes extensions. We also demolish garages and interior rooms. We do it to complete home demolitions. Therefore, it leaves the façade to meet heritage needs.

    Strip outs

    You may have an office, factory or other commercial building. Nevertheless, the time comes for a strip out. Or perhaps it needs a whole barebones strip out. To this end, Australian Construction can work on it. We use our partial demolition skills to help in job completion. Also, we use our advanced methods for this.

    Basement excavation

    Do you need a team to help you to start your basement work? In that case, talk to our excavation contractor in Bendigo. The reason is we are Bendigo’s best basement contractors. Because of this, our team can complete any such work.

    For instance, they specialise in commercial or residential areas. The location of your business does not matter. Regardless, our team will visit your project site. This team consists of specialists in different types of basement construction work. Moreover, we can expertly work on your project. Notwithstanding how short or long it is. We are famous for giving ideal services for such projects in Bendigo.

    Using the ideal equipment

    At all times, we use the ideal equipment for the basement work. Because of this, we are proud of ourselves. We use this equipment to complete any job efficiently. Equally important, we always follow the highest maintenance standards for our machines. Moreover, we service them frequently.

    That is to say, this is the main reason we finish your projects on time. Also, it means your project does not delay. Besides, having machine operators with vast experience helps. So, when you entrust us with your basement work, you can rest assured it is in able hands.

    Basement contractors

    As we said earlier, we give you ideal services. After all, our operators and contractors have the essential training for working in the sector. They have worked in the field excavation for years. For this reason, hire our excavation contractor in Bendigo for your project.


    Australian Construction appreciates that projects vary. It concerns elements like scale, length, size, etc. But, these factors do not bother our expert team. Furthermore, we treat all the projects with equal importance. 

      We guarantee we will deliver your excavation project successfully. So call us now!