Bunbury Excavation Contractor With Over 15 Years Experience

Bunbury Excavation Contractor

Bunbury Excavation Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we do all residential excavation. In addition, we handle commercial excavating. Our team works on new additions or construction. We work from start to finish for both types of projects. Site preparation is a crucial factor of any construction or landscaping work. In light of this, our excavation contractor in Bunbury offers unique prep work.

    For this reason, we invest time to assess the area. Consequently, we establish the best action to take. Our team of experts is proud to offer efficient, affordable work. Furthermore, our top priority is customer satisfaction.

    Our excavation services

    • Lot clearing
    • Site work
    • Drainage corrections
    • Tree clearing & brush removal
    • Site work
    • Road construction, driveways, etc.

    Landfill and land clearing services

    Australian Construction provides landfill services. Also, we offer land clearing services.  We give our customers the easiest method of clearing out large blocks. It is also the fastest. As a result, it facilitates new construction projects. Some firms only provide their services to a few enterprises. However, our excavation contractor in Bunbury offers services to companies and individuals.

    Furthermore, we work for contractors and property developers. Likewise, we offer our services to transport providers and various agencies. You may require us to clear a single block for your new home.  Or maybe you need a clearing of acres for a new manufacturing factory. In that case, we have the necessary expertise and machinery.

    We give you full services. Also, our team finishes the job on schedule. Hence, you can follow your project’s schedule. The excavation contractor in Bunbury considers your plan. Therefore, you do not have to change your deadline. 

    We are proud of our commercial land clearing and landfill services. The reason is that we have earned the reputation of working fast and efficiently. Therefore, if you have a major project, you can rely on our specialist team to help you. Moreover, we have the workforce coupled with heavy equipment to complete the work.

    Tree removal

    The excavation contractor in Bunbury also has tree removal experts. In addition, we have uprooting professionals. We offer stump removal and uprooting services. Again, they are quick, reliable and safe. 

    Equally important, our team has extensive training in uprooting and trimming. Also, the staff is skilled in removing stumps and trees. Moreover, they handle all sizes, weight and shapes. We visit your premises and inspect your garden. After that, we inform you which trees are high risk, safe or unsafe. If we note any issues, we suggest the steps we will take and the cost.

    Another key point is that our uprooting and tree removal services cover all aspects. Given this, you can rely on us to deal with complex situations. At times tree removal presents a complicated task. But, we are up to this job! 

    We have a highly trained team of professionals. For this reason, we analyse your concerns regarding hazards. Also, we check the health and aesthetics of your trees. Additionally, with our services, you can have peace of mind. That is to say, when removing a tree, we do not damage the area nearby.

    Pool excavation & removal

    Pool demolition is one of our main services. However, we also offer other associated services you may require. For example, if you want residential or commercial demolition, we can help. We have a professionally trained team for our demolition and methods. Additionally, we continuously revise and fine-tune our work.

    Our excavation contractor in Bunbury combines speed and safety. That is to say, we give you your money’s worth.  We provide commercial and residential pools. Additionally, our services include ripping, spas and water features. We also offer hammering, hard digs, and rock saw.


    For more information about Australian Construction excavation services, call us today. Our team has the expertise to handle all demolition and excavation projects. Size and shape is not an issue for us. 

      We can deliver your excavation work to your optimal satisfaction!