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Cairns Excavation Contractor

Cairns Excavation Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in bulk excavation. We also specialise in detailed excavation. We have a comprehensive fleet of modern machines. So, you can complete your project fast. You remain within budget as well. Our excavation contractor in Cairns offers bulk excavation services.

    These services involve removing, adding or moving significant quantities of soil or rock. We carry them from one area to another. Additionally, we manage detailed excavations. It includes building footings and foundations. Our experienced and qualified team handles all areas of the excavation process. 

    For example, we clear land and excavate rock. We manage bulk landfill and earthworks. These procedures prepare the ground for construction. Moreover, we specialise in unique excavation sites. They have tight surrounds or limited access. 

    For this purpose, we have compact machinery. They have a zero swing feature. It means all our machines have a big counterweight overhanging at the back. In light of this, they can fit in confined, tight areas.

    Swimming Pool excavation

    We are professionals in excavated areas. These involve fibreglass and concrete swimming pools. We also handle lap pools and ponds. Also, we service spas and splash pools. These pools are found in commercial and residential properties.

    Our expert team of skilled staff manages your project. Furthermore, they work from the start to finish of the project. First, they inspect the site. Second, they work and complete your project. Third, they clean up to ensure you have minimal stress.

    We are specialists in small and tight inaccessible spaces. With this in mind, all our equipment is specially built. In this case, they enable us to enter tight areas. So, we access your pool with minimal effect on your property. For more significant sites, we upscale our team. We also upscale our equipment. They then finish the job faster.

    At times, hard material or rock is present. Under those circumstances, our team uses hammers and saws. They then cut through the concrete, shale and sandstone. We do this with precision. In effect, they create the exact shape you want. To replace your swimming pool we demolish the old pool. We then cut the new one’s profile. Consequently, it helps you in saving time. In addition, you remain within budget.

    The excavation contractor in Cairns has various modern equipment and trucks. For this reason, we quickly move all waste and soil materials. We transport the material from the site to a specified area. Alternatively, we move it for you to a waste facility. Additionally, our team removes fibreglass. We remove concrete swimming pools also. Moreover, they remove the pool or fill in space. It depends on your requirements.

    After completing the swimming pool installation, our team returns to the property. We do this to check your pool’s water level. The law stipulates we should install the pool fencing at the site before this stage. In light of this, we can complete it on your behalf.

    Asbestos removal and demolition

    The excavation contractor in Cairns specialises in demolition. Again, we are licensed to assess asbestos and remove it. We also remove other dangerous materials from construction sites in Cairns. Our team handles all types of demolition like:

    • Driveways, sheds and garages
    • Commercial buildings
    • Residential houses
    • Vegetation and trees
    • Retaining walls and landscaping
    • Removing the pool
    • Warehouses and industrial sites
    • Fibreglass and concrete swimming pools. It includes removing the pool or filling in space.


    Before we quote on demolition work, we offer a free site inspection. Therefore, you can rest assured that our quote provides all the provisions. These are machinery, personnel and safety equipment.  They are essential for completing your demolition on time and within budget. 

    The Australian Construction staff comprehends the capabilities of our various latest machines. For example, we have tippers, hammers, rock saws and demolition claws.

      We look forward to hearing from you. We will deliver the most exceptional excavation services!