Professional Excavation Contractor Services In Canberra

Canberra Excavation Contractor

Canberra Excavation Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we offer fast services for various customers. These services involve civil excavation work. Our excavation contractor in Canberra is popular. The reason is our commitment to our work. 

    Not only do we work on commercial but also domestic projects. We give our clients superior excavation services. Furthermore, our detailed excavation services utilise the latest rock saw. Besides, we use state-of-the-art rock-breaking equipment.

    The Australian Construction team of experts helps our clients with expert consultation. We do this to plan and detail the action plan. Correspondingly, we use your project specifications. The reason is to provide the correct estimated costs for your site’s civil excavation. We offer services to bulk excavations. It includes extraction, transfer or adding significant soil or rock quantities from one area to another.

    For your basement excavation, you need good preparation. Also, expertise and professionalism are essential. In that case, engage us for your future project.

    Basement excavation

    Basement excavation requires planning. Also, it needs the ideal technique for quality services. Equally important, professionalism and team experience are essential. Again, the excavation contractor understands the task perfectly.

    Our professionals use sophisticated equipment and methods. Not only does it make your excavation smooth but hassle-free. Also, we ensure it is affordable for you. In addition, we manage your basement excavation satisfactorily.


    In Canberra, our excavation contractor ranks top. Notwithstanding, we have the ideal technical machinery. We also have vast knowledge. Our company have highly skilled contractors and technicians. Given this, we always ensure we deliver comprehensive and professional earthmoving services.

    Australian Construction offers all the machinery for your projects. We offer scrapers, loaders and rollers. Besides, we avail rollers and excavators, etc. Also, we provide material disposal and bulk haulage service.


    Our excavation contractor believes excavation is an art. We consist of a team of skilled professionals. As a result, we are dedicated to delivering faultless excavation projects. Australian Construction appreciates that it is incredibly affordable to use a blend of different equipment. 

    So, we do the excavation with precision. Our excavation contractor in Canberra utilises the ideal equipment. We use it for excavation jobs such as tight space excavations.

    Demolition services

    Our company is famous because of our Canberra demolition services. We have worked in this industry for years. As such, we have earned an excellent reputation. Our team completes your project according to schedule. Together with this, our work quality is high. Because of this, we have full insurance and certification.

    Why demolition is important

    Demolition is essential for construction projects. It is because it helps in completing the renovation and construction procedure. We use it for residential together with commercial projects. For such work, some things are essential. 

    First, you require the best and newest equipment and second, a competent team is necessary.  Third, the workers should be very knowledgeable about such projects. Our excavation contractor in Canberra has these qualities! So if you want such services call us today.

    Our services

    We provide all types of destruction services that also include a house demolition service. Our destruction team is well rounded and organised. So, hiring us for such work guarantees you of being in competent hands. Also, we offer various services connected to such work. As we said earlier, we are licensed and insured. Furthermore, we have great working experience in the industry. For this reason, we are well known.


    We are proud to be your ultimate destination for excavation services. Talk to us for any excavation work. Our specialised team will advise you of what is best for your needs. Hiring us prevents you from dealing with different contractors to do various aspects of the same project. In the light of this, you save time. 

      Hire us today for superior and expert delivery of excavation services!