Specialised Excavation Contractor Services On The Central Coast

Central Coast Excavation Contractor

Central Coast Excavation Contractor

    You might need to excavate hard material like rocks or boulders. Or, perhaps you want to excavate heavily compacted earth or concrete. In that case, Australian Construction offers complete rock excavation services. Therefore, we enable your project to resume. Our excavation contractor on Central Coast has vast experience.

    As a result, our professional and friendly staff provides rock removal. We also handle rock disposal and grinding. Because of our skills, we excavate concrete and rock. We also excavate other hard materials. Furthermore, we do this at an affordable price.

    Rock excavation

    Our excavation contractor on the Central Coast handles all the complex projects. Do you wish to excavate hard materials like boulders? Or maybe concrete or heavily compacted earth? In that case, we can keep your project moving again. For this reason, we offer complete rock excavation services.

    Clients throughout the Central Coast appreciate that they need ideal excavation equipment.  The reason is it presents an essential part of any major excavation work. Hence, it is essential for completing their project. 

    Grinding and rock excavation services produce large quantities of waste rock. Therefore, it needs removal before more work starts again on the site. For this reason, our excavation contractor also provides a specialised rock disposal service for you.  

    We utilise well-maintained modern excavators, loaders and tipper trucks. Besides, they are modern. Therefore, we use them for rock disposal. Our team does this to get rid of all waste rock from your work site. We do it efficiently and fast. Regardless of your project location on the Central Coast, we offer you the correct attachment hire and plant hire combination. Given that, we clear your project site quickly.

    The excavation contractor on the Central Coast offers wet hire services. In particular, we ensure a highly trained operator runs your mini excavator. They also handle your rock excavator work.  We work effortlessly with your team. To this end, we find the ideal solution for your rock disposal project. At the same time, we maintain the highest standards of on-site workplace and workmanship safety.

    Rock Sawing

    Despite their size or complexity, we provide expert rock sawing services for all civil construction. Additionally, we offer excavation projects. The excavation contractor on the Central Coast offers full rock sawing services. Likewise, we avail rock grinding. Additionally, we offer rock hammering services. 

    Not to mention, we use specialised equipment hire as well as expert operators. They use the saws for the finest rock hammering. Additionally, they utilise it for grinding and sawing. It, therefore, ensures durability and longevity. Our rock sawing services are exceptionally reliable. 

    The diamond-wet saws we use are essential. The reason is they create smooth walls. We use them for detailed earthworks work with minimal noise and vibrations. It is vital for projects that occur near commercial property or residential areas.

    To work on a project without disrupting the individuals near you, talk to us about our rock saw hire. We have rock saw attachments that fit fast and securely to our excavators. Under those circumstances, it enables you to carry out rock excavation and grinding on major and small-scale projects. It also facilitates working in hard to reach areas. For instance, areas like a steep slope or bottomless pit. 

    Moreover, coupled with our wet hire opportunities, it is not surprising that we have return clients! Also, we offer different equipment like tungsten steel saws and diamond wet saws. We equally provide a fleet of excavators. It ensures that your project work continues.


    Australian Construction focuses on providing customer satisfaction. We have specialist equipment and plant together with highly qualified staff. As a result, we deliver quality and reliable services to builders. 

    Our excavation contractor on the Central Coast also provides our services to government agencies and developers. We are specialists in bulk, detailed excavation and remediation. Also, we deliver plant hire, road works, civil works and more.

      It will be our pleasure to provide you with our expert excavation services. So call us now!