Residential & Commercial Excavation Contractor In Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Excavation Contractor

Coffs Harbour Excavation Contractor

    Australian Construction specialises in quality earthmoving. We offer professional civil construction services. Moreover, we provide professional construction services. They apply to environmental and infrastructure projects. Our excavation contractor in Coffs Harbour has various modern plant and equipment.

    Additionally, we have a committed team of qualified staff. For this reason, we offer our customers ideal project outcomes. Our management and staff are dedicated. Because of this, we maintain lasting relationships with our clients.

    Residential demolition

    Australian Construction specialises in residential demolition. Moreover, it is the ideal solution for extensions. In addition, it is excellent for extensions and rebuilds. Residential demolition needs skills. Furthermore, a clear understanding of the removal procedure is essential. It is to reduce safety risks.

    Residential demolition differs. For example, we handle small jobs. It includes parts of the property. We also work on the whole house. Our team of demolition workers is experienced. Due to this, the excavation contractor in Coffs Harbour demolishes residential sites efficiently and safely.

    Commercial demolition

    Our company works in commercial demolition. In other words, we offer a faultless service for builders. In this manner, we offer expert and reliable demolition. Commercial demolition involves demolishing a commercial property partially. Alternatively, it may entail making total demolitions. 

    We tear down a building for all interior fittings and structures. Apart from this, we provide a stripping out service. Our team mainly provides this service when a firm vacates a property. It is to facilitate a different tenant to move in. With this in mind, our team of skilled demolition workers demolishes all commercial sites. Moreover, they do it efficiently and safely.

    Industrial demolition

    The excavation contractor is an expert in industrial demolition. In this regard, we offer a smooth service. Given this, our demolition is professional and reliable. You may have a building or industrial shed. 

    Or, you might have a site or plant that requires demolition. 

    Under those circumstances, our experienced team ensures they plan and execute each project successfully. We have a team of skilled demolition workers. Therefore, we ensure we demolish all industrial sites safely and efficiently.

    Asbestos removal

    Our asbestos removal service reduces risk and exposure. In effect, it ensures your safety. Furthermore, it does not put your home or workplace at risk. You may suspect that your property has asbestos. 

    In that case, it is vital to contact a licensed expert like Australian Construction. 

    In that case, we will test it. Inhaling asbestos is risky. For this reason, avoid removing it yourself. The excavation contractor in Coffs Harbour is available for this purpose. Our team is skilled in asbestos removal. Consequently, we ensure we undertake the removal process. Because of this, it reduces exposure and risk. More importantly, we do it efficiently and safely.


    We are excavation specialists. Therefore, we provide a reliable and professional service. Hence it ensures your project is flawless. We handle all types of excavation services. For instance, we work on small detailed projects. Also, we take more considerable and more complex work. It can be trenches, pools or land clearing, etc. Our fully trained team carries this out. Thus, they ensure reliability and safety in all jobs.

    Tree and stump removal

    The excavation contractor in Coffs Harbour is an expert in tree and stump removal. So, we offer services for all your tree removal requirements. We can assist you if you have storm damage or an insurance claim. Similarly, we can help if you want standard tree removal or transplant.


    Our company growth over the years is because of our hard work and skill. Not to mention our staff is professional and dedicated. The Australian Construction team ensures we offer quality service. Not only does it meet our clients’ expectations but also surpasses it.

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