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Geelong Excavation Contractor

Geelong Excavation Contractor

    Do you want quality and professional excavation services? In that case, look no further than our Australian Construction committed team! Our excavation contractor in Geelong specialises in earthworks. Besides, we provide machine-hiring services.

    You may have a residential or commercial project. Also, your project might be large or small. Notwithstanding, our expert team works fast and safely. Additionally, we maintain clear communications, thus ensuring superior work.

    Australian Construction provides free quotes and onsite advisory services. All the jobs are different. They differ according to weather conditions. Earth texture and location also determines this. We send a highly qualified advisor to your worksite. They then suggest the right machine for your specific work.

    We work as a team with our customers. Therefore we achieve quality customer satisfaction. Our excavation contractor in Geelong has established lasting relationships in the transportation sector. We also relate well with land developers. Besides, our team works amicably with commercial and domestic builders. Furthermore, we work with civil contractors and government community organisations. Construction firms are our clients as well.

    Cut and fill site excavations.

    When you call us for a job, we confirm a date with you. You do not need to be present on-site to supervise the site or our operators. Allow our skilled team to demonstrate their reliability when carrying out site excavations.

    Our operators have full job training. So, they can work without your supervision to enable you to concentrate on your work. Using our latest equipment ensures reliability and accuracy. Again, it ensures we do the job correctly. We aim to leave the site safe, clean and precise to site plans. The work our team, delivers makes us proud. Our services will impress you coupled with our commitment to quality.

    Bulk base excavation 

    Because we have years of experience, we have the know-how of handling major bulk basement excavations. Moreover, we have the appropriate business partners. As a result, we can manage basement projects. We also ensure we deliver timely work and stick to the budget. Planning and experience are essential for managing basement excavations. So, we invest time to plan your job correctly. The reason is that we want it to run smoothly and safely.

    Our operations team is focused and committed. The excavation contractor in Geelong implements these qualities when working with our clients. They also work efficiently with all trades on site.


    Australian Construction uses the newest estimating software package. Because of this, we quote accurately and fast. It also applies to significant cut and fills works. When you request a quotation, our team of estimators responds within 24 to 48 hours. 

    We then give you a detailed quote about the work we will carry out onsite.  Our excavation contractor in Geelong works with our clients. In this manner, we ensure our team works efficiently on your job.

    We aim to quote your site cut accurately. Therefore, we request for site plan and engineering report. Our team also asks for a soil and slab design report. This information is crucial for efficient working.


    Australian Construction has a vast fleet of machinery. Our services accommodate commercial, domestic and rural site preparations. These services range from small jobs like limited space to tight access. Also, we handle more significant projects like commercial sites. Besides, we work on land clearing and dam constructions. 

    Our rates are competitive, and more importantly, all our drivers and machinery are fully licensed. Additionally, they have liability insurance. Moreover, they have comprehensive insurance for workers compensation policy. We are also updated with the essential certifications. Because of this, we ensure we handle each job professionally and safely.  In effect, we work to the highest standards.

      Given all the above, you have peace of mind when you allow us to handle your excavation project!