Excavation Contractor On The Gold Coast With Over 15 Years Experience


The Benefits Of An Excavation Contractor On The Gold Coast

    We have an excavation contractor on the Gold Coast that offers superior excavation services to all the clients in the community. Australian Construction has created a solid reputation for providing top-notch service jobs and strong dedication to clients.

    Through the years, we successfully created an exceptional team of committed individuals who have elevated our company to another level of skill and performance.

    As excavation experts, we make sure that the client gets an expertly complete and accurate service. Our team of professionals is proud to offer excavation services quickly and on budget.

    Get high-quality excavation services in the Gold Coast.

    The client has always been our priority. We are dedicated to offering a high-quality, efficient and affordable service to all clients. Our experts at Australian Construction appreciate that all clients have the same wish; to minimise cost and maximise available time.

    Whether big or small, we value all the jobs, and endeavour to work fast and efficiently, keeping costs to a minimum. At the same time, we do not compromise on the quality.

    You should choose our excavation contractor in Gold Coast because:

    • They are fast and professional.
    • Licensed and certified
    • They are committed to offering services fast and on budget.
    • Their prices are competitive.
    • They have awesome customer service.
    • They are experienced and knowledgeable.

    We have been in the sector for years, and our equipment has comprehensive insurance against all present risk assessments

    Expert services from an expert excavation contractor 


    Our qualified team offers a secure and efficient method of exposing surfaces and cutting trenches in narrow and tight vicinity. It facilitates repairs and establishment of new services. Our skilled team also digs to enable the installation of fences, bollards, footings, water features and outdoor lighting.

    Electronic Service Locating

    We use this to discover the alignment of infrastructure and services underground without digging any holes.

    Pipe Jet Rodding

    This procedure involves removing tree roots and blockages. Here, Australian Construction uses a specially created tip and directs it inside conduits to remove blockages. Our experienced team easily de-waters communication pits, removing water from low access locations up to 30m away.

    We excavate near underground services to recognise invasive tree roots and remove the obstructions. We also treat tree roots to avoid fungal illness. 

    Draining Pits for Plasma Cutters

    In addition to Non-Destructive Digging, another useful procedure for draining waste is vacuum excavation. The vacuum excavator truck can sustain a maximum of 5000 litres of waste. We clean out sand from the pit and remove waste. The excavation contractor we have on the Gold Coast also cleans out water and sand from the cutting bench trough.

    Cleanouts for septic tank 

    We always provide a secure and competent clean-out service for septic tanks. Our staff pumps the septic sludge from the tank and confiscates it at a site that is EPA-approved. The tank remains clean inside and outside with 30 cm of freshwater.

    Location of services and pipes for installing a swimming pool 

    Our skilled excavation contractor in Gold Coast assists swimming pool experts with:

    • Opening up locations near underground utilities.
    • Wires and pipes underground service location.
    • Carefully trenching around services, which enables installation of electrical services without disrupting existing services.
    • Jet-Rodding for cleaning the dirt and blockages in pipes.
    • Digging through and near tree roots carefully to facilitate the laying of cables and pipes without destroying tree roots and trees.

    House re-stumping

    There are various ancient Gold Coast houses on the Gold Coast whose stumps need replacement. Vacuum excavation helps in numerous ways:  

    • Securing trenching near services.
    • Opening spaces near underground utilities.
    • Digging out old posts and digging holes for fresh posts.
    • Installing root barriers.
    • Digging through and near tree roots in a safe manner, enabling completion of work without harming trees and tree roots.
    • Easily accessing areas unreachable by other machines.

    Excavator Hire/Combo Skid Steer

    We own a superior Bobcat Excavator at Australian Construction, which we use for wet hire on an hourly rate for earth moving. The wheeled Bobcat consists of Auger attachments; Ripper, Log Grabs and Spreader bars. 

    It has several size buckets like small Trench Buckets, 1200mm, 600mm, 450mm and 300m buckets. The Excavator is 4 1/2 tonnes. Our skilled operator is comprehensively insured, skilled and updated with our vibrant health and safety procedures.

    Kanga Dry Hire

    Our superior Kanga accessible for dry hire includes:

    • Trailer
    • 4 in 1 bucket
    • Auger attachment (150ml)
    • Stump Grinding Attachment

    Benefits of vacuum excavations in Gold Coast

    Vacuum excavation is believed to be the ideal business practice for the secure placement of underground utilities. It is commonly known as NDD (Non-Destructive Digging). This type of digging is a lot safer compared to other conventional types of excavation. 

    As well as greatly decreasing the prospects of harming buried telecommunication cables or utilities. Australian Construction specialises in working safely near tree roots, with qualified and experienced arbour operators using sophisticated, specialised equipment. It ensures your trees are in good hands.

    Commercial and residential demolition

    Our team has experience in house and commercial demolition services. Before we carry out our clean and quick expert demolitions, we first establish the project’s size. 

    At this stage, customers can have thorough discussions with our competent team and explore crucial issues. Our excavation contractor on the Gold Coast also determines early, whether there are dangerous materials. They then create a safe plan about how they will handle and remove to certified landfills.  

    Your site will be clean and tidy following work after we complete the job, ensuring your site is free of hazards. We take the refuse to landfills and safely store reclaimed resources on site and our team can take it back after the job ends.

    Swimming Pool Excavation

    Where swimming pool excavations are concerned, no task is too big or small for Australian Construction. We are proud to have the newest equipment to handle any work you have pending. We carry out swimming pool excavations in commercial and residential properties all through the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Brisbane.


    Our company specialises in all aspects of earth moving in the building sector. We would love the chance to give you a quote on any jobs you need us to do.

    Call us today on 1800 155 881, and we will offer you impeccable services for your projects!