Affordable Hervey Bay Excavation Contractor Services

Hervey Bay Excavation Contractor

Hervey Bay Excavation Contractor

    Australian Construction provides earthmoving services in Hervey Bay. Furthermore, we also offer land clearing services. Our team is reliable and quick. Moreover, our excavation contractor in Hervey Bay has various machinery, equipment and tools. Given that, we clear land fast.

    Land clearing is essential when preparing the land. It helps in case you want to build structures or buildings on it. Furthermore, it is helpful in civil projects, for example building new roads. Our team clears all trees, shrubbery and plants from the land. Additionally, they cut and fill. For this reason, we give you a flat piece of land. Hence you can construct your new structure here.

    Earthmoving preparations

    House, shed and site

    At Australian Construction, we offer various expert earthmoving services. It includes land or yard preparation for a shed or house. Likewise, we have multiple machines. These machines vary from bobcats to excavators and trucks. 

    Given this, we can handle jobs of all sizes. For example, our excavation contractor in Hervey Bay prepares the land for a small shed. Similarly, our team prepares the land for a big building or house.

    When preparing for a new building house or shed, you need various earthmoving services. They include:

    • Land levelling
    • Land clearing
    • Cut and fill

    Our company also has specialised top-dressers. Coupled with this, we have Aerovator equipment. To explain, it helps in laying fertiliser and soil. As a result, the lawns become soft. It ensures that after building your new structure, our team can assist you in preparing your soil. The soil, therefore, becomes ready for landscaping and turf.

    Presently, we offer earthmoving services to the entire Hervey Bay. In addition, we provide our services to surrounding areas. Our whole equipment is of the latest model. Hence, a fully licensed and insured operator manages it. For additional information about our services, please call us today. Also, we can give you a quote for your next project.

    All in one earthmoving service

    The excavation contractor in Hervey Bay has vast experience. In light of this, we give our clients complete landscaping and earthmoving services. Moreover, we provide the operators and machinery for your project. 

    Coupled with this, we offer green waste skip bins. It is available for any excess trimmings or soil. This waste results from clearing land. In the same fashion, we supply soil for your landscaping work.

    Earthmoving cut & fill services

    The excavation contractor in Hervey Bay provides cut and fill earthmoving services. The services are not only reliable but also affordable. We have worked for years. Because of this, we have acquired a fleet of equipment and machinery. 

    We currently have an extensive range. It includes excavators varying from 1.8-21 tonne and trucks. Furthermore, we have different sized loaders, trailers, etc. In the light of our other equipment, we can handle each element of a cut & fill project. 

    We can even clear the land beforehand if need be. Our experienced team has displayed superior quality artistry. It is evident in the previous cut and fill works.


    Australian Construction is experienced in the landscaping industry. We are also highly skilled in the landscaping sector. Because of this, we offer our clients a full cut and fill service. 

    Our team clears the land. We also remove the waste in our green waste skip bins. Additionally, we dispose of excess dirt. Moreover, we supply more soil as needed. The excavation contractor in Hervey Bay works to ensure a smooth and hassle-free service.

    Additionally, we dispose of all waste rocks and dirt that originate from your project. We do this in an environmentally friendly way. Our team is dedicated to recycling the maximum waste we can. It reduces the amount that goes to landfill.

      Call us today to plan your next excavation project in Hervey Bay.