Excavation Contractor Services At Its Best In Launceston

Launceston Excavation Contractor

Launceston Excavation Contractor

    If you want excavator hire in Launceston, talk to Australian Construction. We handle all kinds of earthmoving and excavation. Then, our team prepares your sites for asphalting and concreting. Furthermore, we are also specialists in drainage and asphalt driveways. Our excavation contractor in Launceston also handles natural rock retaining walls.

    We have tipper trucks; therefore, we supply and cart our gravel supplies. Besides, we provide a rock breaker attachment. The excavation contractor in Launceston performs demolition work. It includes removal. So, for all your excavation services in Launceston, please call us.

    Australian Construction benefits

    We have multiple advanced excavation equipment. Moreover, we have some big excavators. For this reason, we use them for your major commercial projects. Additionally, we establish mini excavators for your residential works.

    Safety is crucial for excavation. We use some wiring tools to break the gas line. Also, our team can break the general plumbing lines fixed beneath your property. Our experts thoroughly inspect your property together with the underground level. Given this, we ensure your protection.

    Australian Construction is an insured and licensed company. Due to this, we offer various earthmoving and excavation services. Additionally, our excavation contractor in Launceston offers drainage and dam clearing.

    Excavation services

    General excavation services

    Our company provides various excavation services. Likewise, we demolish your old building or structure cost-effectively. Also, we excavate a specific section of your property. We do this for your extension work.

    Land clearing

    Following excavation, your land has a pile of solid construction waste. However, you can’t remove such debris using regular waste removal services. Under those circumstances, hire our excavation contractor in Launceston. 

    Consequently, we will remove all solid waste following the excavation. Then we will dispose of all the solid waste after excavation. After that, our expert team prepares your land for your new construction or project.

    Drainage services

    Do you have some underground drainage lines or gutters on your property? Are there tree roots around your property? If so, they can lead to the blockage of your drainage lines. Call us today. We will then excavate a particular section of your property. 

    In effect, it will give your plumbers proper space. We clean the drainage lines or change your damaged pipes. After this, we fill them using our driveways or concrete slabs. 


    Our excavation contractor in Launceston is committed to developing and enhancing techniques. The reason is to safeguard the environment.  We give our clients environmental services. Indeed, they comply with all the relevant regulations. Moreover, they meet all essential requirements.

    We provide these services:

    • Rehabilitation
    • Vegetation control
    • Asbestos removal
    • Stabilization & erosion protection
    • Better protection systems
    • Reclamation, excavation and earthworks.
    • We also provide reclamation earthworks.
    • Batter protection systems
    • Environmental management installations

    Heavy haulage

    The excavation contractor in Launceston is highly knowledgeable and experienced. These qualities apply in services such as oversize and heavy as well as over-mass haulage.

    We offer:

    • Demolition materials transportation
    • Bulk material transport
    • Trailer and truck combinations whose maximum carrying capacity is 50 tonnes. Additionally, they have different length and width capabilities.


    Our excavation contractor in Launceston has a diverse and rich workforce. For this purpose, they offer project delivery flexibility. Because of this, we offer different civil construction services to our clients. They include:

    • Demolition
    • Blasting
    • GPS control
    • Environmental works
    • Project management
    • Rail infrastructure work
    • Rock excavation
    • Pavement & road work and more


    Australian Construction works on public projects. In fact, we have worked on various dams. In light of this, if you need any dam clearing, call us any time. Our skilled team offers you suitable solutions. We give you the ideal services for your earthmoving. The excavation contractor also handles land clearing and excavation.

      We look forward to giving you our ideal excavation solutions; therefore, call us now!