Highly Experienced Excavation Contractor In Mackay

Mackay Excavation Contractor

Mackay Excavation Contractor

    For quality and professional excavation services, call Australian Construction. Not only are we specialists in earthworks, but machine hiring services. Your project may be commercial or residential. Or it might be small or large. Notwithstanding, our expert excavation contractor in Mackay works quickly and safely. Furthermore, we ensure we maintain clear communications. Hence, it facilitates quality work.


    Our excavation contractor specialises in offering an all-purpose earthmoving service. Because of this, we develop land in various applications. We are earthmoving specialists in Mackay. Given this, we provide quality work. Additionally, we work efficiently and safely. Therefore, our team performs the first time correctly.

    Our services

    We have a highly experienced and skilled team. Similarly, we work on various earthmoving projects. 

    Some of them are:

    • Bulk earthworks
    • Damn building
    • Site cuts
    • Agricultural developments
    • Aquaculture developments
    • Bluegum and stump gum clearing
    • Site cuts
    • Landscaping and a lot more

    Earthmoving fleet and team

    At Australian Construction, we are proud of our team’s skills and efficiency. Our operators effortlessly handle earthmoving projects. The project size does not matter. Small or large, we finish the job within the specified deadline. Also, our operators use a fleet of the latest machinery and equipment. Because of this, they work from beginning to end to give you a complete earthmoving solution.

    Our fleet includes:

    • Dogs and tippers
    • Tractors
    • Backhoe
    • Dump trucks
    • Graders with UTS and GPS
    • Dozers with the rake, seeder as well as a pipe layer
    • Excavators with different attachments and buckets
    • 750hp horizontal grinder
    • Rock rakes and pickers
    • Shinn cutter tree mulcher
    • Tracked skid steers with different attachments; it includes road profile and mulcher.

    We have a well-maintained fleet. Not to mention, it has the newest UTS as well as 2mm GPS systems. Because of this, we attain optimal accuracy. More important, this quality is essential for all earthmoving work needs. Consequently, with this newest technology, we replicate the most technical architectural design drawings to a millimetre. 

    Earthworks & earthmoving

    At Australian Construction, we offer earthworks & earthmoving services. Not only are they affordable but reliable. Besides, all our team members have vast experience operating plant hire equipment. Additionally, we have the know-how to work safely even on complicated sites. Our variety of superior plant hire equipment includes grader hire, dozer hire, excavator hire and more.

    For years, we have created a remarkable plant hire fleet. Because of this, it accommodates various earthmoving applications. The excavation contractor in Mackay services and maintains our machines regularly. Because of this, our clients get the best quality of earthmoving services. 

    In our range of plant hire, we have dozer hire and grader hire. In addition, we have excavator and scraper hire. Whatever earthworks and earthmoving machine you need, our capable team has your back! More important, our earthmoving and earthworks services are affordable.

    Because of their experience, our staff works with flexibility and skill. Call our friendly team today for an obligation-free quote. We will then start the process of meeting all your earthmoving and earthworks needs. 

    Bulk earthmoving

    Australian Construction is popular in Mackay for bulk earthmoving services. We have established many clients in the sector due to our experience. Our site costs are reasonable, and it is why we stand out from our competitors. Also, we customise each bulk moving works to our client’s specific needs. Because of this, we are proud to offer professionally tailored services.


    Our excavation contractor in Mackay is proud of our earthmoving services. The reason is we deliver superior work each time. For more information about Australian Construction services, call us today. 

      It will be our great pleasure to give you expert earthmoving and excavation services.