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Hire The Best Professional Excavator In Melbourne

    Australian Construction is an expert excavator hire or excavation contractor in Melbourne. Our team offers superior basement excavation, bulk excavation and other jobs throughout Melbourne in industrial, commercial and residential properties.

    We have a highly qualified team famous in Melbourne because of their intense dedication to our clients and high-quality work. So, if you want a professional excavation contractor in Melbourne, our team is available for you

    Excavator Services

    Whether you want to construct a new house, renovate or want to give your structure a different look, our professional consultants at Australian Construction can give you suggestions on the suitable excavation services. We offer the following:

    • Soil removal
    • Site cuts
    • Earthworks
    • Screw piling systems
    • Bored piers
    • Basement excavation
    • Spread & track roll (fill)
    • Rock breaking
    • Excavation tipper truck hire
    • Bulk excavation

    Reasons for choosing our excavation contractor in Melbourne

    Australian Construction is a popular choice in Melbourne for your earthmoving and excavation needs. Our quality artistry and high reputation will ensure that we complete the project on time and remain within the budget.

    If you want a firm that offers professional and efficient excavation services like bulk excavation, basement excavation, excavation hire, and much more in Melbourne, we can deliver. 

    Our team is fully trained to handle small or big excavation projects in Melbourne. Our team are proud to provide superior quality and professional excavation services in Melbourne.

    We make sure that we test our team thoroughly before hiring them. It ensures that we have the best excavators and excavation contractors working for you. The crew here are happy knowing that the services we give you are long-lasting.

    We have to carry out various demolitions and excavations for the landscaping and construction work. If you cannot operate the excavator machine and work in challenging conditions, it would be best to look for ideal excavation experts like us to finish the procedure. This can be tricky even for an inexperienced person. 

    Qualities to check when choosing a professional excavator


    The excavation procedure involves various steps, from start to finish. So, you need to be aware of the project’s strategy. Our excavator operator lays out the strategy that creates the concept about the work to be carried out when preparing for excavation procedure.

    Australian Construction implements this strategic planning procedure to avoid errors in future during the excavation procedure. When you keep this in mind, it assists you to assess us before hiring.

    Know the purpose

    Australian Construction uses the excavator to perform processes like demolition, digging and other activities related to excavation. Our professional excavation contractor in Melbourne should use a few machines if possible, to finish the work.

    Using fewer excavation machines reduces processing costs, but the process takes longer. Our experienced team finishes the procedure in time, even with reduced machinery usage, while an inexperienced worker delays the process. So hire our experienced team to enhance efficiency.


    Melbourne has many excavation service providers; however, getting the ideal one is challenging. The best way for you to choose is to compare factors like the cost of excavation service. However, do not compromise the quality of the work. Check their previous customer reviews online. You can then shortlist the best and pick an experienced and qualified firm like Australian Construction.


    Licensing is a crucial consideration when you are looking for a qualified excavation contractor in Melbourne. You need to confirm the company’s excavation license issued by the state. Licensed firms like us charge affordable costs for the procedure while offering high-quality service.  If you deal with an unlicensed excavation firm, it may present issues if you need to take legal action against them in the future.

    Work experience

    Choose an experienced excavation firm like Australian Construction to give you better quality work. We plan our work well and ensure we deliver impeccable work. Hiring an inexperienced contractor leads to loss of money and time. Working with an experienced excavation firm guarantees you fast completion of your project.

    Hydro Excavation Services in Melbourne

    Hydrovac, also known as hydro excavation, is a popular soft dig non-destructive excavation method. Here, we use high-pressure water (cold or hot) to remove or move soil and at the same time vacuum it out. It facilitates non-destructive digging and an accurate method of excavating soil and ground materials. Australian Construction uses Hydrovac technology to eliminate the likelihood of destruction to underground structures like:

    • Electrical wire
    • Gas pipelines
    • Water/sewer pipes
    • Fibre optic cables

    Do not worry if the ground is full of snow, icy or frozen. Hydro excavation trucks have an enclosed boiler to enable us to run hot water and handle the frozen ground. Our skilled team can also access challenging areas. We include more hoses and pipe to reach those spaces that are situated far from the truck. Get in touch with our team today and get a free project consultation and quote to determine whether HydroVac is suitable for you.

    The Hydro Excavation Procedure

    Our Hydro Excavation process involves two parts that involve non-destructive digging (NDD).

    The first part involves the excavation technique. We spray high-pressure water on the exterior material, splitting it as it combines with the water. 

    In the second part, our team applies extreme-volume vacuum force, sucking up the water and exterior material that got split in the initial step of the procedure, into the truck’s collection tanks. These two steps ensure that the surface assets are placed and preserved efficiently.

    Benefits of HydroVac Excavation

    Hydro Excavation presents the safest method of excavating when working near sewage mains power, fibre optic lines and telecommunication. It lowers any damage that leads to a major outage and costly destruction to other services. Australian Construction uses Hydro Excavation for land excavation, enabling work to be done safely, exposing services, while preventing damage.

    We use Hydro Excavation for:

    • Utility repairs & servicing
    • Tree roots
    • Trenching
    • Piling
    • Pipe cleaning
    • Degreasing
    • Mining
    • Environmental recovery
    • Sewage cleaning
    • Confined digging
    • Utility mains –electricity, water, gas
    • Rubbish and debris removal


    Before we carry out excavation, our team needs to clear some areas. To complete the excavation procedure fast, we take meticulous effort in the pre-plan phase. Our team’s proficiency in working and handling the material ensures we deliver quality work.

    If you are in Melbourne and have an excavation project, do not hesitate to call us today!