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Melton Excavation Contractor

Melton Excavation Contractor

    You might need to replace your old pipes at home. However, after this, what happens to the old ones? For this reason, call Australian Construction today.  Our excavation contractor in Melton will handle it for you. We have professional plumbing excavation services. Given this, we ensure we remove your old pipes properly.

    Furthermore, we remove them and discard them without damaging your property. For years, the Australian Construction name has been famous in Melton. The reason is that we have helped numerous clients to clear old drains and pipes from their home. Consequently, it paves the way for new ones. 

    Importance of plumbing excavation services

    Pipes can get damaged and become impossible to repair. In these circumstances, replacing drains is necessary. Mainly, it happens because of the pipes’ age. Additionally, natural shifting in the ground triggers it. Besides, the pipes may be laid incorrectly. Apart from this, tree root invasion may occur.

    At Australian Construction, we get rid of these drains. Similarly, we carry out the necessary tests. In the light of that, we establish whether a full excavation is required. For plumbing excavation, first, our team excavates the area near the old pipes. As a result, we reveal the existing drainage service. Notably, our equipment handles a tight access area. Here, we only need 750mm clearance. It signifies we can serve various situations without any problems.

    You may be unsure whether your home needs excavation services.  In that case, call us now. Our friendly professionals will then give you the best suggestions.

    Providing various plumbing excavation solutions

    Our expert team provides different services. They do this with attention to the plumbing area that is affected. For this reason, our excavation contractor in Melton specialises in almost all kinds of excavation. We are also specialists in renewal solution. In effect, it makes it simpler for you to get the appropriate service for your needs. 

    At Australian Construction, we give our customers different engineering solutions. Given this, our highly skilled and dedicated in-house team delivers this work. 

    Furthermore, we have committed project managers and engineers. In light of this, they solve complex problems. Moreover, they offer unique, practical and timely project management solutions.

    We offer the following benefits. 

    • We present a customised, affordable design. In addition, the excavation contractor in Melton fulfils your project needs. At the same time, we meet all the applicable standards and codes of practice. Our competent team specialises in designing earth retention structures. 
    • Additionally, we offer tailored earth stabilisation systems. Due to this, we support and make sure that we carry out safe deep excavations. Similarly, we tailor the earth stabilisation systems. Consequently, it permanently or temporarily retains the earth during and also after construction.
    • The excavation contractor in Melton’s design team undertakes different site inspections. Together with this, they handle desk studies on your site’s geotechnical conditions. 
    • We work with the present structural, geotechnical and architectural parameters. Consequently, we match your development needs. Australian Construction uses the newest geotechnical software. 
    • Additionally, we use significant local experience. Besides, our team uses local expertise to model all construction stages. As a result, it determines the movements, implications and loads of shoring systems.
    • Australian Construction‘s highly trained team implements temporary earth retention systems. Also, we establish permanent ones. They are purposely created for different structures. For instance, we design them for soil nails, rock bolts and shotcrete walls, etc.
    • We have proven industry knowledge and experience. It applies to earth retention systems planning design and installation. With this intention, we give our customers different options to suit varied project needs.


    We offer civil services like piling, bulk haulage and road maintenance. Furthermore, we handle subdivisions and streetscape works. Not only do we meet deadlines, but we also stick to the set budget. The friendly excavation contractor in Melton works tirelessly to meet your specific needs.

      Call us today for all your excavation needs in Melton.