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Get The Most From A Professional Excavation Contractor in Newcastle

    Australian Construction is your solution if you live in Newcastle and require skilled earthmoving or excavation services. Our company has superior customer service with a strong emphasis on being environmental-friendly. An excavation contractor in Newcastle tops the list when you want quick, reliable and secure excavation and earthmoving projects in the area.

    You can depend on our team of industry-experienced experts to start your excavation job and finish it to your satisfaction. Whether you have a domestic task to prepare an area for your new family residence or a major industrial project, we offer the experience and machinery to match.

    You may be a professional landscaper, master builder or a weekend renovator; whatever the case, the skilled team is available to assist all our clients. We work together to finish the available job, meeting your requirements of quality and speed.

    Kinds of excavation from our excavation contractor in Newcastle

    • Rock excavation
    • Topsoil excavation
    • Earth excavation
    • Bulk excavation
    • Detailed excavation
    • Contouring
    • Shifting material
    • Trimming
    • Removing concrete
    • Dredging
    • Basement Excavation
    • Trench excavation
    • Backyard cleanup
    • Cut and fill excavation.
    • Footings, post holes or auguring

    Topsoil Excavation

    In any construction project, whether small or large, some topsoil removal may be necessary. Excavation is a crucial step of the construction procedure to ensure that buildings are set up on solid and stable ground.

    How do we handle the excess dirt?

    When heaps of soil is scattered all over a job area, it creates confusion, leading to a crowded working area.  The heaps obstruct the pathway of other machines and it causes construction delays. That is why we have established our excavation contractor in Newcastle to ensure that our skilled team removes the excess soil fast.

    We excavate and extract all contaminated and regular topsoil from your job site and effectively and efficiently eliminate it. We follow all government, council and environmental rules and regulations.

    Rock Excavation

    If you want to excavate hard material like boulders, rocks or heavily compacted earth, do not hesitate to contact us.  Rock Excavation is a very complicated job; it involves a different process from excavating the usual soils. It needs specialised skills, tools and equipment.

    Our highly trained team at Australian Construction has years of experience in rocks excavation for residential, commercial and industrial properties. The excavation contractor we have in Newcastle has various specialist equipment and tools to handle jobs such as swimming pool excavation, trenching for plumbing and electrical wiring, bulk rock removal and many more.

    Our competent team works with minimal disturbance and risk to the area nearby. We have the correct equipment to handle the most challenging sites successfully.

    Detailed Excavations

    Detailed excavation means more detailed excavating for projects that need particular precision to facilitate structural integrity. Australian Construction carries out detailed excavations for concrete house slabs, footings, retaining wall footings, service trenches and driveway preparation.

    Our company knows that detailed excavations need specialist machinery and is why a trained and qualified team operates this equipment. Despite your project’s scope or size, our staff has the expertise to assist with whatever detailed excavation you need.

    Basement Excavation

    If you want to install a basement to your residence to create more space, get in touch with our experts. The ideal period to perform a basement excavation is when preparing a site for a new home.

    In such an instance, we are already excavating the site. Therefore, our expert team easily deepens the excavation depth to add an area for a basement.

    Excavating beneath existing structures that need support is no easy task but is a crucial part to preventing structural issues later down the track. Our excavation contractor situated Newcastle has vast experience in home demolition services.

    Our team is fully licensed, insured and qualified, and we guarantee you will have peace of mind.  We own the correct equipment to handle even the most complex sites efficiently.

    Professional industrial dredging in Newcastle

    Our dedicated team is available for your entire industrial site dredging needs. The dredging process involves excavating and getting rid of debris and sediments from beneath water level; mainly from the bottom of rivers, harbours, and lakes. Australian Construction uses this procedure for flood mitigation control, mine dams, industrial purposes, etc.

    Our team is dedicated to environmental preservation. We make sure that we carry out all material removal, dredging and earthworks to minimise the effect on the surrounding areas.

    We own a fleet of well-maintained specialised heavy equipment for completing the project efficiently and safely. We finish your project within the budget and on time.

    Road and Driveway Trimming

    The excavation contractor in Newcastle is experienced in residential and commercial projects. We offer road base trimming service for residential and commercial clients.

    We mainly use our services for residential clients when laying and removing a new path or driveway. If your path or driveway is broken, uneven or worn, it would be best for you to replace it for aesthetic and safety reasons.

    We have the capacity and plant to work on bigger subdivisions, re-developments and larger developments for our commercial customers. Australian Construction safely extracts the destroyed concrete and trims the road base, preparing for the new path or driveway.

    All the jobs comply with local safety requirements and building codes. We present quick, safe and reliable road base trimming you can rely on.

    Backyard cleanup services

    Do you want a complete backyard excavation or site cleanup service? Look no further than Australian Construction. Your land should be tidy and well prepared before work begins.

    If you want to design a new outdoor entertainment area or do landscaping work it’s imperative that essential clearing work is done prior to commencement of your project. If you had carried out your backyard work or engaged a landscaping contractor who did not remove the extra material, we can assist.


    Our experienced team at Australian Construction is fully qualified to deliver to your expectations. We have the correct equipment to deliver the work efficiently, safely and satisfactorily. Our fleet of plant hire machinery and competitive rates enable us to efficiently undertake all civil, commercial and residential services.

    It makes us the first earthmoving contractors that Newcastle calls for professional excavation!