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Get The Best Earthmoving and Excavation Services In Perth

    Australian Construction provides earthmoving and excavation services covering various works around the wider Perth metro West Australian location. We have an excavation contractor in Perth offering land clearing, leach drain, limestone wall construction and septic tank installation to Perth property owners, construction businesses, and farmers, who can rely on our significant expertise.

    Or, maybe you need some simple landscaping job carried out on your building; we excel in all areas of earthmoving because we have the essential equipment, machinery and specific knowledge to handle various excavation and construction jobs.

    Additionally, we have vast experience obtained from hands-on performance. We make sure that we get a solution to any problems that may arise.

    Excavation contractor services

    Our excavation contractor in Perth provides construction and earthmoving services like:

    • Land clearing
    • Leach drains
    • Clean-outs and dam construction
    • Septic system supply and installation
    • Driveways trenches
    • Driveway construction, for instance, provision of all materials.
    • Pond/pool excavations
    • Pier holes
    • Rural fencing and much more

    We have provided various excavation and earthmoving services in Perth to:

    • Schools and entertainment centres
    • Farmers
    • Building companies
    • Government-Councils
    • Residential Customers
    • Plumbing and reticulation businesses

    Excavation and Earthmoving Equipment

    Where moving earth or excavating is concerned, Australian Construction has the appropriate machinery and equipment for jobs of any size. We have 6-wheeler tipper trucks for dispersing blocks and mini dump trucks suitable for a minor backyard landscaping or construction work. Our equipment and skills ensure that your job is carried out satisfactorily.

    We have a team of qualified and experienced earthmoving and excavation operators. They know each switch, lever and control of the machines and the specific method of using them for your particular excavation or construction project.

    Using our earthmoving and excavation equipment and machinery, we can deliver work fast and efficiently. We provide types of machinery like mini dump trucks, bobcat hire in Perth and excavators. Excavation is challenging if the correct equipment and experience are missing.

    In cases where you hire numerous contractors to carry out various areas of earth clearing and excavation, clashing time-lines or delays can lead to significant stress.

    However, Australian Construction deals with a wide variety of equipment. Our crew use this machinery for every scheduled job and complete it, one after the other, without coordinating multiple contractors, invoices and time-lines. 

    We have an excavation contractor in Perth with many years experience, and you can rest assured that you are working with skilled experts. The excavation team is available to make your process simple and hassle-free, together with our operator’s comprehensive awareness and operational skills. It means that you will get the ideal service for your project every time.

    Bulk Earthworks and General Earthworks

    We have an inclusive fleet of plant hire equipment consisting of all the appropriate earthmoving tools for your overall earthworks projects. From compaction, rock breaking, drilling and excavation, our competent team at Australian Construction is ready to handle all kinds of projects, whatever their size.

    Types of Plant Hire Project

    We handle projects like highway maintenance, demolitions, public utilities, road construction and civil construction. We offer our services to project managers, engineers, government contracts and construction company owners.

    Wet and Dry Hire services in Perth

    Australian Construction offers wet and dry hire to meet a huge variety of residential excavation, earthmoving and commercial excavation project requirements.

    If you opt for our wet hire service, our highly skilled operator will carry out each job. Our firm also offers a big range of dry hire options when you want to personally source the operator for your job.

    We are ready to offer you comprehensive earthworks equipment for your landscaping, trenching and building renovation. We can deliver any excavation job.

    Plant Hire Earthworks Services

    Do you have a commercial excavation or residential excavation project? Do you require augers or different sizes and kinds of buckets for a big commercial project? Allow us to assist you in planning your general earthworks projects from start to finish.

    From canals, trenches, dams to levies, our many years’ experience in the construction sector means that we comprehend what it entails to finish each area of the job methodically and with precision.

    Australian Construction has a friendly staff that will match each of your job’s tasks with the correct piece of comprehensive earthworks equipment, making sure it is completed accurately.

    Advantages of hiring professional excavation contractor in Perth

    There are different reasons for excavation work. You may need it for construction work, where the project requires earthmoving tools for building structures and foundation. Our professional excavation contractor in Perth can help you dig the ground, remove materials and level it.

    When you want to construct a swimming pool, it would be best to hire a professional excavation service provider like Australian Construction. Anything that will involve a foundation’s groundwork or building may require our expert help. 

    For instance, in public welfare and development jobs like building roads, parking lots, etc. the requirement is the same service if there is a need to lay concrete or asphalt on the ground.

    The main benefits of expert excavation services are:

    • Fast completion of the work: Professionals like us ensure that we complete the work as soon as possible. Our advanced machines and equipment like excavators allow our team’s experts to finish any task effortlessly in a short time-span.
    • Reducing costs:  Expertly skilled service providers and equipment can also reduce the expenses of any excavation project. The reason is conventional methods of digging the surface using shovels are carried out by five or six individuals, and it cannot compare to the job done by an excavator alone. So, workers’ expenditure is decreased, and in the end, it reduces the entire project’s costs. 
    • Increased safety:  Safety is another significant benefit of hiring our expert excavation service. We are experienced and trained, therefore, possess the know-how about working safely. We make sure that we safeguard the security of all the people on site.


    Our professional excavation contractor in Perth has the skills to handle issues more skilfully compared to a DIYer. If you experience problems, you will have to seek an expert excavation company like Australian Construction to fix them.

    So, spare yourself the stress and get in touch with us today before you start!