The Ideal Excavation Contractor In Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Excavation Contractor

Port Macquarie Excavation Contractor

    You may want skilled excavation or earthmoving services. Or perhaps you want experienced excavation contractors. In that case, Australian Construction is your solution. Our excavation contractor in Port Macquarie has quality customer service. Furthermore, our priority is being environmentally friendly.

    Our services are not only fast and reliable but safe also. The competent team at Australian Construction implements these qualities in their services. For example, jobs like earthmoving work and safe excavation. You can rely on our crew. After all, they have great experience in the industry. Because of this, they work on your project from start to finish.

    We have the experience to cater for different jobs. Also, we have the machinery required. For instance, we handle residential work. We do this to prepare an area for your new family home. Similarly, we can undertake a large-scale industrial project.

    At Australian Construction, we are available for different clients. Some of our customers are master builders. Furthermore, we work with expert landscapers. Additionally, we can work with a weekend renovator. Because of this, we work jointly to finish your project. Likewise, we meet your expectations of quality and speed.

    Topsoil excavation

    With all construction, topsoil removal is possible, notwithstanding whether the project is small or large. Excavation presents a crucial part of the building procedure. Given this, structures are built on stable and solid ground.

    Handling excess dirt

    When piles of soil are strewn all over a job site, it creates confusion. Additionally, it makes the work area congested. These piles block the path of other machinery. Moreover, they lead to construction delays. Because of this, please allow our skilled excavation contractor in Port Macquarie to remove this soil quickly.

    Our experienced team excavates and removes all contaminated topsoil from your site. Besides, we also excavate and remove all ordinary soil. Furthermore, we get rid of it effectively and efficiently. Again, we follow all government, environmental and council regulations and rules. 

    Muck excavation

    Before construction, Australian Construction removes and stabilises muck soil. Muck describes soil with significant water content. This material is exceptionally loose. Therefore, before constructing on top, you should stabilise it.  

    You might have muck on your residential, commercial or industrial development. Under those circumstances, the excavation contractor in Port Macquarie has the experience and skills to do the job efficiently.

    We use two methods to stabilise muck. In one method, we spread it out over an open space. Consequently, the excess water evaporates. Another method is adding another material. It stabilises the excavated space. With this in mind, our professionals establish the ideal solution for your work.

    Earth excavation

    Call Australian Construction for earth excavation services. Furthermore, we offer quick, safe and reliable work. We undertake small jobs like backyard trenches. Also, we deal with commercial and large-scale civil projects. 

    Examples of these are mines and roads. With this in mind, we have the correct equipment and skills to do the work. Our team removes the soil beneath the topsoil. We use this material onsite again in different areas. Alternatively, we move it from the site for disposal.


    The excavation contractor in Port Macquarie is fully qualified. Together with that, we have the experience and knowledge. Given that, we work with precision on your project. It is crucial to get the foundations right. Equally important, it facilitates a successful project. So, errors are not allowed.  We have specialised in the earthmoving and excavation sector for years. 

    Correspondingly, we have all the equipment and plant. For this reason, we handle the most prominent job and deepest excavations. In light of this, call the experts at Australian Construction today.

      We guarantee to deliver your project to meet your specific requirements.