Professional Excavation Contractor In Rockhampton

Rockhampton Excavation Contractor

Rockhampton Excavation Contractor

    Professional and safe earth-moving service is in great demand. Due to this, Australian Construction has developed its specialist excavation team. For this reason, we handle significant excavation work for our customers. Our excavation contractor in Rockhampton is highly skilled. Therefore, we are equipped to work in unstable and dangerous areas.

    Moreover, the excavation team works with our specialist ground stabilisation crew. Given this, we ensure we complete your project on time, on budget and safely.

    Slope & ground stabilisation

    In general, slope stabilisation is essential. The reason is that it prevents slopes from slipping and rockfall. Similarly, rockfall services and control is crucial. In fact, in most domestic and civil construction projects, slope stabilisation is the first critical step.

    The project success depends on planning and using correct procedures. In view of this, we need to implement particular methods. As a result, we can solve the issues of every project. It is equally essential for the project’s success. Australian Construction applies the skills of structural and geotechnical engineers. Furthermore, we use multiple techniques and disciplines.

    We use them to offer stability on commercial and construction projects. In like manner, we handle residential and mining projects. Furthermore, our competent team carries out investigation and planning. In the light of this, we ensure the equipment and methods we use for the solution of your ground engineering work are efficient and affordable.

    Specialist services

    • Rock bolting
    • Soil nailing
    • Anchor testing
    • Erosion control
    • Shotcrete
    • Excavation 
    • Ground stabilisation
    • Sub-horizontal drainage and dewatering
    • Grouting

    Our methods

    Australian Construction uses some equipment and techniques. We do this on behalf of our clients. They include:

    • Active and passive systems
    • High-pressure grouting systems
    • Containment barriers & retaining systems

    Additionally, we utilise various superior quality equipment. Besides, this equipment is reliable. We use this for earth retention. In like manner, our team uses three-dimensional structures like:

    • Mobile platforms
    • Crawler drill
    • Skid-mounted drills
    • Crane box drilling
    • Man-portable drill rigs

    The excavation contractor in Rockhampton uses various specialist slope stabilisation services like:

    • Micro piles
    • Retaining systems
    • Shotcrete
    • Rock bolting
    • Scaling
    • Erosion control and active TRM’s
    • Sub-horizontal drainage dewatering & drilling
    • Underpinning
    • Rockfall barriers and mesh

    Rockfall protection

    Our rock slope protection services are essential in steep areas. The reason is the soil, and rock slips can harm the environment. Therefore, this service is a crucial aspect of the work we do. Cliff faces may be exposed and degraded. Consequently, it can pose a threat to public safety. It leads to the buckling of rocks and sliding. In addition, the rocks can roll down the exposed part. As a result, the rocks then end up on paths, railway tracks and roads.

    The excavation contractor in Rockhampton carries out rock protection in two ways. Active mitigation coupled with passive mitigation. For passive mitigation, we use drape nets. We also use debris or rockfall catchment fences. Moreover, we utilise diversion dams. Due to that, in case of a rockfall, the fall is contained or diverted. Consequently, it protects lives and buildings.


    For passive mitigation, our team at Australian Construction uses debris or rockfall catchment fences. Also, we use diversion dams. If a rockfall happens, the fall is managed or diverted. Hence, lives and buildings are safe. Our active mitigation involves different methods. It aims to retain and stabilise rockfall prone areas.

    With this in mind, we employ complex geotechnical solutions. In light of this, we stabilise these areas. Some examples are:

    • Rock bolting
    • Rockfall mesh
    • Rockfall catch fences and barriers
    • Shotcrete
    • Changing slope geometry


    Australian Construction uses the newest innovations and technology. For instance, we utilise the latest equipment. Also, we use specialised products. To this end, we have successfully handled various rock protection works for our numerous clients.

      So, if you are in Rockhampton and wish to have expert excavation services, call us now!