The Most Experienced Earthmoving And Excavation Contractor In Sydney


Get The Most Professional Excavator In Sydney

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in all kinds of plumbing work. However, we also offer specialised excavation services.  Our operators can access the newest equipment, ensuring that we carry out our projects safely and efficiently.

    Our excavation contractor in Sydney also provides the extra service of availing gravel, soil, etc. to our clients when required or completing your excavation work. We also get rid of any waste from the site.

    Services that our excavation contractor in Sydney provides

    • Trench work
    • Footings
    • Daily and hourly hire
    • Site cleans
    • Rubbish removal
    • Grade lasers
    • Tipping trucks
    • Ground levelling

    Whether you have a one-day job or big scale excavations, you need to have the essential equipment before starting the project. Finding an efficient and skilled excavation business like Australian Construction that delivers superior service at a reasonable cost is challenging. 

    Also, getting the excavation contractor in Sydney who can operate within the tight environments narrow constraints is tricky. The reason is most companies concentrate on big scale excavation only. We also give our clients gravel or soil, which is essential for filling up and finalising the job.

    Our Excavation Services

    Most times, excavation is necessary. From ground levelling, site cleans, pool installation and rubbish removal, excavation tasks vary from job to job. Australian Construction is proud to offer the following excavation services:

    • Swimming pools: If you want to have our experienced team install a swimming pool, we advise you to have us excavate the land. You may think it is a good idea to carry out the excavation yourself; however, let our professional excavator contractor Sydney to expertly tackle any complications that arise.
    • Footings: It is a crucial step of the construction procedure, and footings are mainly a structure’s foundation. It would be best if you considered some factors when installing footings. It is the reason you should leave it in the capable hands of a professional like Australian Construction. The soil condition, the building’s dimensions being built and the nearby environment all impacts the procedure.
    • Ground levelling: Before starting the building process, it is essential to make the ground level, offering a base foundation. If the ground’s surface is uneven, some unexpected issues may arise. Our team methodically and efficiently levels the ground out with quality, industry specific tools.
    • Site cleans: At times before we start, we remove rubbish from the site. We use the available suitable machinery at Australian Construction to eliminate anything that will hinder the excavation and building procedure. After we complete it, we remove any waste, making the site ready for the next development phase.
    • Installing underground tank: If you want to install an underground tank, it would be best to hire our professional excavation contractor in Sydney to establish an underground tank successfully.

    Tight Access Excavation

    When we are excavating in tight areas, we ensure we use the appropriate equipment. Australian Construction team appreciates that it is crucial to implement the correct practices.  Because of the narrow access, we use mini excavators to excavate in tight areas. 

    A lot of excavation businesses lack the necessary tools and machinery to work in limited environments. We have skilled excavation contractors who use ideal excavation equipment for all its tight access work in Sydney.

    Avoid the danger of harm to your current underground properties.

    Non-destructive excavation uses compressed air or intense-pressure water to split the surface. After this, Australian Construction extracts it using a powerful vacuum. Australian Construction uses non-destructive excavation.

    Non-destructive excavation is an excellent method of exposing underground utilities after excavation, and at the same time making sure that your assets do not get destroyed.

    Our surveyor identifies and surveys the utilities, revealing the specific depths, offsetting on cad drawings presented according to Australian Standards.

    Australian Construction can efficiently meet your non-destructive digging needs such as large projects and 102 potholes.

    We expose:

    • Potholes and slit trenches
    • Underground utilities efficiently and safely.
    • Remove rail ballast
    • Power or street light cabling
    • Clean and sustain pits
    • Survey and map underground services and utilities

    Benefits of hiring an excavation contractor 

    At Australian Construction, we undertake all the tasks ourselves where possible. We try to avoid subcontracting tools and services. It enables us to offer a more cost-effective, efficient and trustworthy service for our clients.  Our crew own all of our equipment and have an excavator on hand, which can readily provide you with excavation services.

    We own our excavator and operate it on-site when required. Aus Construction can offer you plumbing excavation services for drainage problems if you need to excavate new trenches or dig under the pipes.

    The excavation services that our excavation contractor in Sydney offers suits both commercial and residential drainage solutions; both major and minor tasks.  It is compatible with builders, electricians, plumbers, pool builders and home-owners. 

    When is plumbing excavation services essential? 

    Plumbing excavation services are essential for:

    • –  Levelling
    • –  Clean-ups
    • –  Backfill
    • –  Site clean-up
    • –  Sewer & storm-water
    • –  Trenching

    Excavation & Asphalting Services

    We are pleased to be your local supplier of commercial and domestic asphalting services in Sydney. Our objective at Australian Construction is to offer long-lasting outcomes at an affordable cost for our customers. We expertly mix asphalt for car parks, footpaths, roadways and patching jobs. 

    Every mixture is specially formed for its planned aim, to offer a safe traffic pathway. We measure sub-grade soil carefully to cater to elevation needs for any level or sloped surface, providing important load-bearing ability.


    We guarantee that our skilled staff at our firm will deliver all your plumbing works. We are certified, registered and licensed. So you can have peace of mind, knowing that we offer impeccable results for efficient excavation services. 

    Our many years’ experience enables us to deliver any drainage, excavation or gas-fitting job. We offer free quotes to give you all the essential information upfront, allowing you to make wiser decisions from the get go. 

    If you want our excavator job done efficiently, contact us today and fix an appointment. 

    Working with you will give us great pleasure!