Hire A Professional Excavation Contractor In Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga Excavation Contractor

Wagga Wagga Excavation Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we offer various services. Therefore, it enables you to complete nearly any project. You may require us to dig fence postholes or do site levelling. Because of this, our excavation contractor in Wagga Wagga works efficiently to your satisfaction.

    Excavation is not just operating the machinery. It means being knowledgeable about other factors of earthmoving and site preparation. For instance, it entails understanding grades and slopes. Also, we need to comprehend drainage and rock, etc.

    The excavation contractor is highly skilled. Because of this, we implement the foundation of a successful project. Moreover, we ensure it is durable. We offer superior quality earthworks all over Wagga Wagga.

    Earthmoving and excavator services

    Australian Construction has a team of experienced and skilful operators. First, our team is committed to providing superior quality outcomes all the time. Second, our operators are licensed in final trim. Third, they have vast experience in different earthmoving projects.

    Do you want bulk earthworks or landscaping excavation? Or perhaps you need pipe laying. Notwithstanding, our friendly team can assist! We take considerable pride in our work. Given this, we always make sure we complete your project to a high standard.

    We ensure that our staff is fully ticketed and certified. Moreover, we make sure they follow safety protocols also. In addition, they adhere to strict environmental management policies. Our Australian Construction team is dedicated to offering superior quality customer service. 

    Not to mention, they assist you in all the stages of your project. Our team is friendly and professional. Additionally, they are reliable and dedicated. In light of this, they ensure you are happy with the available hire services.

    Equipment hire

    Our excavation contractor in Wagga Wagga offers customised plant hire solutions. For this reason, they suit your project needs. We have a fleet of superior quality attachments and equipment. Given that, we handle any project, whether small or large.

    You may wish to have final trim, residential earthmoving or subdivision services. Whatever the case, our fleet of equipment helps you to finish your project quickly and on budget. 


    We offer domestic excavating services. Additionally, we provide earthmoving services for more significant commercial projects. The excavation contractor in Wagga Wagga handles long-term projects. We also work on intensive tasks like:

    • Commercial building construction
    • Land clearing for business or councils
    • Large-scale property developments

    Despite your project, our team designs an effective, on-budget and safe approach. In other words, it suits all your requirements.

    Eco-friendly disposal

    Australian Construction excavators, bobcats and tipper trucks are ideal for all kinds of disposal. You may want land clearing or demolition of an existing building. Or maybe you need removal. Under those circumstances, our team clears your worksite fast. 

    We make sure we deal with all recyclable materials efficiently. Furthermore, we practice complete environmentally sound methods. For our excavation contractor in Wagga Wagga, the environment takes top priority.


    Australian Construction ranks top for your Wagga Wagga excavating services. It is owing to our complete variety of full domestic excavation services. Call us for:

    • Pools
    • Home construction
    • Pools
    • Landscaping
    • Other residential services


    Call our Australian Construction friendly team now. We will be glad to discuss your future project. Our operators are highly knowledgeable. In addition, they are highly skilled.  Because of this, they can suggest suitable equipment for the project. We can help with your long or short-term excavator hire. Similarly, we can assist with wet hire services.

    Whatever residential, earthmoving or commercial needs you have, our equipment is available 24/7. Call our team today for a consultation and a free quote.

      It will be our pleasure to meet all your excavation needs in Wagga Wagga.