The Best Excavation Contractor In Wollongong From Aus Construction

Wollongong Excavation Contractor

Wollongong Excavation Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we successfully perform various civil construction services. Despite their complexity or size, we deliver. Our excavation contractor in Wollongong has access to an extensive fleet. Also, we have multiple resources. As a result, we complete site stormwater drainage and remediation.

    Besides, we complete site screening and crushing, pavement construction, etc. Our services include:

    • Demolition services
    • Plant hire
    • Remediation and asbestos removal
    • Civil drainage works
    • Detailed and bulk excavation services

    We mainly aim to work in a particular civil industry market niche. It includes asbestos removal, civil construction, and plant hire. Furthermore, we handle demolition site remediation and detailed excavations.

    Our expert team includes full-time staff. It’s made up of surveyors, estimators and a maintenance team. We are ready to help with any civil building project. So, talk to us today, and we will give you a custom solution for your future project.

    Demolition excavators & haulage services

    Our excavation contractor in Wollongong handles commercial, industrial and partial demolition projects. We have different equipment to carry out our demolition services. This equipment includes heavy vehicles and demolition excavators.

    We have excavators like 2.5T and 45 T. It is available with various attachments. In effect, we perform demolitions quickly and effectively. We utilise these diggers’ significant strength to take apart the structure of a factory or building.

    Together with our excavators, we have various bulk haulage vehicles. In this regard, Australian Construction has tipper trucks. Thus, they are available to take away demolition debris from the site. Moreover, we recycle any materials if possible. Generally, we aim to give simple and effective demolition services. Equally important, we make these services safe.

    Asbestos remediation and removal

    Asbestos describes a flexible fibrous material. Moreover, it is heat, electricity and corrosion-resistant. Exposure to asbestos leads to damage to the body’s cells. Consequently, it causes mesothelioma. It is an aggressive kind of cancer. 

    Therefore, a certified practitioner like Australian Construction must remove any asbestos. With this in mind, call our excavation contractor in Wollongong. We are specialists in asbestos remediation and removal for large-scale projects.

    How we remove asbestos safely

    Asbestos has a fluffy and soft consistency. Given that, it needs careful handling. The purpose is to avoid fibres from spreading. Our removal procedure mainly depends on the asbestos location.

    First, our team thoroughly wets down the material with water. We repeat this step all through the removal procedure. Secondly, we remove asbestos carefully. To this end, we remove fixings and bolts of the building it is situated. 

    Third, we place the asbestos in an asbestos-waste container. Alternatively, we place the asbestos in a double. We wrap it in plastic then secure it using duct tape. Also, we label all asbestos waste appropriately. Removing asbestos can be a long and complex process. Therefore, it is wise to engage the experts at Australian Construction.

    Professional asbestos removalists

    Australian Construction has a team of certified asbestos removalists. Above all, they are expertly trained and have broad experience in removing asbestos safely. Our excavation contractor in Wollongong identifies any asbestos. Consequently, they remove it safely and efficiently. Therefore, it prevents prolonging the start of the demolition procedure. 


    We always aim to deliver top quality work quickly and within budget. Our team specialises in handling projects in hard to access areas. Steep sites and deep excavations areas present unique issues. So do sensitive site and tight access projects. However, we are well equipped to handle these areas.

    Our excavation contractor in Wollongong is highly experienced in the sector. So, we complete all works like site clearing, vacuum excavation and detailed excavation. Similarly, we offer multiple conduit excavation and open trench excavation.

      Call us today to arrange the earthmoving or excavation for your project.