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Ballarat Fencing Contractor

Ballarat Fencing Contractor

    Do you wish to invest in fencing your business or residential property? In that case, Australian Construction is your answer. Our fencing contractor in Ballarat offers different services. Furthermore, we meet commercial and residential fencing needs. More importantly, we provide excellent customer service throughout.

    Our fencing services include fence repair and installation. Additionally, we provide custom projects and rural fences. We also undertake replacement and maintenance. Moreover, we offer a huge option of gates. Our fencing range includes privacy and security fencing. We also provide pool fencing and sports ground fencing.

    Colorbond fencing

    The Australian Construction colorbond steel is durable.  Not only is this product long-lasting but also resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Because of this, it lasts 20 years or more. It depends on whether an expert fencer like us handles it. 

    In addition, colorbond fence is termite-proof. Also, it withstands warp or bend. Colorbond fence is available in different designs and colours. Because of this, it is best for security purposes. Additionally, it has numerous industrial, commercial and residential applications.

    We provide colorbond fences in different colours. Our fencing contractor in Ballarat fabricates these fences to different sizes. Due to this, it presents a lovely addition. Also, it is very simple to style your property landscape design using it. Consequently, it forms a wonderful contrast to your back and front yard.

    Colorbond steel material is lightweight and versatile. For this reason, we mainly use it for gates. Colorbond provides a modern appearance. More importantly, it offers maximum privacy. It is recyclable for environmentally conscious people.

    Metal fencing

    Australian Construction provides metal fencing in different forms. This material is solid and long-lasting. But we have different kinds of products, and all are available. Some of our most famous options are wrought iron fences and steel fences. Aluminium slat fences are recognised as well.

    Our most famous options are:

    • Aluminium slat fences
    • Steel fences
    • Wrought iron fences

    These are among the most common options if you want security and safety. It is also ideal for excellent durability, while wrought iron is amazing for a timeless appearance. Traditionally this design was Victorian. However, the fencing contractor in Ballarat quickly fabricates it into any specification. 

    For example, we provide palisade fencing. It offers more security. Moreover, wrought iron is as attractive as garden fencing. Because of this, it is mainly found around mansions or estates. We also find it on windows in urban surroundings. 

    Aluminium presents a highly durable and lightweight metal fence material. Given this, we can style or design it.  Aluminium is damage resistant. Moreover, it does not oxidise or rust in any climate. For this reason, Aluminium slat fencing is a favourite choice.

    Pool fencing

    Each swimming pool should have a safety boundary surrounding it. For this purpose, we provide various types of products. For instance, we offer glass fencing. Our glass fence gives you a modern, new age feel. The fencing contractor in Ballarat installs it with a frameless or semi-frame.

    The glass fence is durable and has a cool aesthetic. Furthermore, it provides a completely unobstructed view. As a result, it is becoming increasingly popular. But if you wish, we can also offer wrought iron and aluminium. We also provide mesh or pool fencing if you want. So call us today for a quick pool fencing installation quote!


    The fencing services we offer at Australian Construction include constructing all kinds of fences. We also undertake repairs and maintenance.  Our team uses the newest techniques and only superior materials. As a result, we ensure durable outcomes. 

    We help you attain a suitable fence for your requirements. Our team believes each fence should be innovative. For this reason, we tailor-design your fence to fit your needs and budget. Our fencers offer expert advice on the ideal fence styles and materials to suit your particular situation.

    We look forward to hearing from you today about our friendly fencing services!