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Bendigo Fencing Contractor

Bendigo Fencing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, our objective is to give you the best fence that suits your needs.  We offer our customers trusted brands. For example, we provide BlueScope and Colorbond. Moreover, our fencing contractor in Bendigo is committed to quality. Because of this, we ensure that your new fence needs minimal maintenance. At the same time, the fence makes your property more valuable.

    In addition, we provide a wide range of fencing options. Because of this, it suits your budget and preferences, and our fencing comes with extras. We customise your fence and give you expert tradespeople. Consequently, they install your new fence to satisfy your needs fast. 

    Residential PVC Composite fence

    For years Australian Construction has developed and perfected composite PVC fencing. We provide these services to commercial and rural industries. The fencing contractor in Bendigo is innovative. Hence we provide this technology to the residential fencing market. Your outdoor space forms your family life frame. Technically our PVC fencing systems are superior to standard methods. At the same time, this product provides benefits and aesthetics most people are unaware of. We offer different composite fencing styles and colours. 

    Moreover, we customise these fences to make your dream a reality. We combine plain colours and timber grain in modern or traditional styles. It depends on your preference. More importantly, you do not need to repair or paint these systems. 

    Quality PVC fences

    Australian Construction products are remarkably tough and resilient. Do you require screening for privacy? Or perhaps you want a picket fence blending colour and style. In that case, we provide an excellent combination of versatility and brilliance.

    The fencing contractor in Bendigo is constantly carrying out research. Due to this we improve and innovate our fencing products. Because of this, our products effectively serve commercial sectors. We serve residential and rural fencing industries also.

    PVC Mystique fencing gates

    For our mystique PVC fencing gates, we use similar materials as your composite fence. Alternatively, we blend complementary colours and styles. So, we create your design statement. Depending on the gate size, we manufacture PVC gates using a steel subframe. Composite gates utilise similar vinyl profiles as your fencing. Therefore your entrance effortlessly merges into your fence.

    Our team builds hinged gates featuring a width of 0.5m to 2.4m. Moreover, we can configure it as a double gate or single gate. We hinge single gates on the gate’s two sides. For this reason, you have flexibility during installation. 

    Also, you can opt to use a drop bolt or latch to maintain your gate in place. You can also have a blend of the two. Our team adjusts the hinges to keep the gate open. Alternatively, we can fix it to close by swinging and latch upon release. The fencing contractor in Bendigo creates PVC sliding gates featuring a length of 0.5m to 6.0m.  

    We also build it around a steel subframe. Our team pre-fits sliding gate wheels and we supply tracking with the gate. In addition, we fit a latch to sliding gates. Moreover, we easily include an automatic electric gate opener to the gate’s base. Australian Construction also provides wheels and support posts with sliding gates. Due to this, the gate remains strong when you are opening or closing it.


    At Australian Construction, we offer products of remarkably durable artistry. In addition, we use top-notch composites, and we build our fencing products to last. Therefore you do not need to repair each year. We use UV protection for all our fences. 

    For this reason, the fences are safe from extreme conditions in Australia. Also, we provide infill panels with our fences. It guarantees a seamless and expert finish. Hence it suits all heights and corners. 

    Call us today for all your fencing needs in Bendigo!