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Treat Yourself To A Lovely Fence Design In Brisbane

    At Australian Construction, our team designs and customises fencing to suit your area and style cost-effectively. Our fences are long lasting and endure the Australian weather and situations. Our fencing contractor in Brisbane uses superior materials and the best materials, finest preparation and installation techniques to ensure we give you ideal fences.  We are the leading choice in Brisbane for boundary fences.

    Customisable fencing service

    Our company has supplied many fences to residential and commercial projects all over Brisbane. We present various durable fencing materials enabling you to choose fences that customise your fencing’s appearance, colour and size. Whether you need a commercial, industrial or residential fence, our skilled team installs it to your precise needs.

    Gates and fences built according to Brisbane code

    We ensure that we manufacture all our fences to meet all the Northeast Australian construction codes. We ensure that our customers do not violate these regulations. You are guaranteed that our fencing contractor gives you a fence to keep away criminals and withstand harsh weather elements.

    Fencing that is resistant to the test of time

    Our Colorbond fences have a mixture of classic, long-lasting shades and contemporary tones that contribute to Brisbane’s breath-taking natural surroundings. However, selecting the appropriate fence does not just involve appearance. The fence should stand harsh hot and cold and weather conditions. Colorbond has been a popular material of choice for years.

    We complete all our colorbond fencing installations while considering the future. This material is versatile, and you can choose from a lovely variety of colours to suit your home’s style. Colorbond is exceptionally durable, ensuring that your fence is resistant to fire, rust and rot. Colorbond presents fourteen colours to pick from, and maintaining them is easy. You do not need to invest more effort into oiling and painting for years to come. 

    Colorbond gets inspiration from Australian colours, and our fencing contractor in Brisbane has tested it in the country’s harshest conditions. We are committed to giving our clients superior fencing so you can trust us to give you durable Colorbond fencing solutions.

    Quality fencing

    When choosing Australian Construction fencing to provide aluminium fences, you have peace of mind because we carry out comprehensive quality checks and vetting. Our team works hard to ensure we deliver high-quality materials and services by installing maximum attention and care. It means you can be sure that your new slat gates and aluminium fences are the most ideal on the market. We galvanise and powder-coat our aluminium fencing, facilitating longevity and durability in coastal surroundings. It means you are all set for many years.

    Fast installs and short wait times

    Our experienced and handy fencing contractor in Brisbane ensures that your project runs efficiently, and that you can trust us. We make efficiency a priority, and in turn you save money and time. We get rid of roadblocks and begin the work, installing your aluminium fence fast. Our fencing team provides a versatile service, and we create custom slats and picket fence-style images, custom-etched shapes and geometric shapes.

    We offer:

    • Custom or multiple colours options.
    • Styles from picket, slats or flat sheeting.
    • We competently match your unique style.

    Customisable colours and styles

    Aluminium gates and fences do not have to be silvery, flat sheets anymore. We work with panelling and aluminium manufacturers who coat and custom design aluminium sheeting.

    Perimeter fences

    We have customisation possibilities and offer you aluminium slat fencing for balconies, tiered gardens, sheds and pools in Brisbane. Whether you want louvre-style gates for your privacy fencing or façade fencing using aluminium sheets, we can meet your requirements. 

    • We match your home style easily.
    • Our versatile designs match almost all areas.
    • Our skilled team fences the balcony, garden and pool also.

    Consultations and advice for design

    Our fencing contractor in Brisbane specialises in aluminium slat fencing, and because the material is versatile, you have a lot of options. If you are not sure of the ideal colour, style or fence, you are free to contact our team.  We will tell you which aluminium gates and fences are ideal for you in Brisbane and whether you should choose open fencing or privacy fencing.

    • We answer all your questions.
    • Our team consults with you about design and feasibility.
    • A fencing contractor provides the ideal option for your home.

    Low-maintenance designs

    During the manufacturing of our aluminium fence we powder-coat them; so it is unnecessary to re-stain, varnish or repaint them to maintain their look. You only need to hose the aluminium slats or sheet down when they get dirty to avoid stains. It means that our aluminium fences do not rust.

    • The aluminium sheets require minimal or no upkeep.
    • They are outstanding, weather-resistant and durable.
    • Our aluminium products are fade and rust-resistant in the coastal regions.

    Affordable materials and installs

    Aluminium is a cheaper option compared to steel and iron, and it is easy to manufacture. The fence’s longevity and durability surpass that of wood, and its cost decreases with time since you do not need to re-varnish to shield them from ocean air our high UV levels. 

    • Maintenance is not necessary.
    • It is the most affordable and durable option.
    • Replacing damaged slats or panels is affordable.

    Designed for slopes

    If you have an uneven backyard or a sloping landscape, aluminium fencing is the best security choice.  We instruct our supplier to custom-make aluminium fencing. It slopes with your yard and does not leave any gaps or holes. Our team racks these aluminium gates and fences, making them ‘hug’ the ground preventing the pets from running away from the yard.  Because of this, our aluminium gate or fence is the ideal choice for anyone with an extremely active pet!

    • The pets remain in their place.
    • The fence does not have openings or gaps.
    • The continuous fence gives you more privacy.


    In Brisbane, Australian Construction is a major supplier of fencing solutions, and we are dedicated to giving you quality fence projects, trustworthy fencing professionals and unique fence installations. It is the reason we have always maintained a perfect customer rating. Our fencing contractor in Brisbane is a popular choice for clients seeking aluminium gates and fences and Colorbond. Our team services clients from a wide range of areas within Brisbane. 

    We look forward to providing you with a premium fencing service for your residential, commercial or industrial needs. Call our team today!