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Bundaberg Fencing Contractor

Bundaberg Fencing Contractor

    Fencing presents a very crucial element of our properties and home. After all, fences protect our space from invaders. Moreover, they ensure we have optimal privacy. Also, fences are vital in keeping our assets safe. Given this, Australian Construction offers top-quality fences. Furthermore, our fencing contractor in Bundaberg provides expertly built fences. Moreover, we offer property enclosures.

    Our team consists of committed and hard-working experts. For many years we have provided Bundaberg and nearby cities with affordable but attractive fencing services. In addition, we have experienced builders, installers and designers. In other words, they have worked for years to perfect their skills. Moreover, our fencing services are durable and standard compliant. Also, we meet and surpass our clients’ expectations.

    Australian Construction quality services

    The fencing contractor in Bundaberg specialises in commercial and residential projects. Moreover, our team has expertise in:

    • Pool fencing
    • Colorbond fencing
    • Glass pool fencing
    • Aluminium fencing
    • Timber fencing and much more

    At Australian Construction, we are committed to delivering superior fencing solutions. Because of this, your family and property remain safe and secure. Therefore talk to our skilled fencing contractor in Bundaberg. Where security is concerned, aim for the best!

    Timber fencing installation

    We provide traditional types of fencing. The fencing contractor in Bundaberg provides fencing in all sizes and shapes. We move and replace a timber fence instead of other types of borders, for example, brick walls. Our timber fencing is affordable. Additionally, we install it easily. Our team can paint it in any colour. Because of this, we transform your garden dramatically! Our timber fencing also gives you total privacy. As a result, you can peacefully relax in your garden!

    Picket fencing

    Our picket fencing adds character and charm to your garden. The fencing contractor in Bundaberg professionally installs your picket fence. Due to this, your property increases in value. Comparatively, because of their design, picket fences are more durable than other kinds of fencing. There is a gap between where the wind flows through the fencing.  But, it does not bring it down. We build your picket fencing to any shape and size. At the same time, it is affordable.

    Perimeter fencing installation

    Mainly we use this kind of fencing commercially. However, it offers numerous advantages to a domestic household. We construct perimeter fencing from steel. Due to this, it is a durable fencing option. Our fencing contractor in Bundaberg expertly installs fences. Due to this, they last for years. Also, they are low maintenance. Do you want to maintain safety in your home at an affordable rate? In that case, our perimeter fencing is best for you.

    Border fencing

    Not only do we offer different kinds of fencing, but also we provide various border solutions. You may have a space between lawn, path or garden bedding. If you do not have a properly installed border, it can be disorganised and messy. In light of this, Australian Construction provides great border solutions. 

    The fencing contractor in Bundaberg offers a variety of garden borders. It includes metal, raised bed and paved. Additionally, we offer wooden and concrete borders. We have limitless options! A border personalises your garden and provides a perfect finishing touch. Our borders are simple to install. Moreover, we use minimal effort, time and effort. More importantly, we do not disrupt your garden.


    The Australian Construction team is highly skilled. Because of this, they give you the necessary advice about boundaries. They also give you suggestions about our borders and fencing. We offer clients the correct products and experience. As a result, we ensure your full satisfaction. It will be our pleasure to provide our quality fencing services.

    So call us today, and we will give you a free no-obligation quote!