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Cairns Fencing Contractor

Cairns Fencing Contractor

    Australian Construction is among the top suppliers of pool fencing in Cairns. Moreover, we have vast experience in the pool-fencing sector. Because of this, our fencing contractor in Cairns efficiently completes the work. Our team is not only friendly but also ensures your pool fence is safe.

    More importantly, your pool fence complies with all safety rules. In addition, we advise you on style and colour. We appreciate that it is vital for your pool fence to complement the existing structures. Also, your pool fence should match your outdoor space.

    Apart from pool fencing, we are also skilled in security gates and pool gates. Furthermore, our team has experience in timber fencing and security fencing. We also offer Colorbond fencing. Australian Construction provides these fencing services in Cairns and the nearby areas. Our company is fully licensed. Also, we guarantee our work, and our team cleans the worksite after job completion. 

    Pool fencing

    Sadly many children drown in backyard pools each year. A child can drown in less than two minutes. Therefore pool safety is crucial. Due to this, it is vital to restrict water access. Most people are unaware that DIY stores offer pool-fencing materials that are not compliant with the local council. The materials do not follow health and safety regulations either. Given this, Australian Construction can help. After all, we only utilise fencing products that meet council as well as Australian Standards requirements.

    Pool gates

    Apart from pool fencing, we supply self-closing gates and install them. The Australian Construction pool fencing also features compliant safety latches. Additionally, we remove the existing fencing. After this, we core-drill into the retaining walls. How does this procedure work? 

    The skilled fencing contractor in Cairns visits your site and measures the area near your pool. Following this, we give you a free and no-obligation quote. After that, we tailor-build your pool fencing; hence it suits your outdoor space. We also have resuscitation signs.

    Timber fencing

    We offer various contemporary timber fencing finishes. The fencing contractor in Cairns supplies and installs timber slats. We install them as an alternative to Colorbond or steel. In addition, we use treated pine materials to provide regular boundary fencing. Our boundary fencing selections range between 100 or 125mm circular posts. Also, they feature three rails and different-sized palings of a maximum of 2100mm high. We have various options. Because of this, you can pick the design suitable for your home. 

    Modern timber fencing

    Timber fencing does not only provide a natural option but also modernises your property. The fencing contractor in Cairns provides vertical and horizontal slats. As a result, it looks unique. Also, at all times, we install steel gateposts. Therefore we provide a safe fixing point and prevent sagging. Our team can maintain gateposts and frames in ‘Gal style.’ Alternatively, we can powder-coat in the colour you want. 

    Security fencing

    Today, it is crucial to protect your home because break-ins are common. Given this, Australian Construction understands you wish to protect your family and property. We provide and install all kinds of security fencing. This fencing complements your surroundings. Additionally, you will be safe hence at peace.

    Security gates

    You can press a button on your remote and enter and leave your home fast. More to this you have more safety. The reason is you don’t have to exit your vehicle to open gates, particularly at night. Because of this, Australian Construction installs your security gate fast. More importantly, we do this safely and affordably. 


    Do you need a dependable fencing contractor in Cairns? In that case, Australian Construction supplies and installs a remarkable range of quality fences for businesses and homes. We have a friendly fencing team, and they deliver exceptional services.

    So call us today, and we will custom design the ideal fence for your property!