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Canberra Fencing Contractor

Canberra Fencing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we proudly offer superior domestic and rural fencing services. Moreover, we provide industrial and commercial fencing solutions. Our fencing contractor in Canberra offers reliable and quality services. More importantly, our prices are affordable. We have highly qualified fencing installers. 

    Also, our employees work with different styles and materials. For instance, we provide wooden paling, glass, and steel as well as pool materials. We also provide chain wire, security and steel. Therefore we provide a full range of fencing solutions. Because of this, we meet all our clients’ needs. Maybe you want to keep your young children away from pools. Or perhaps you wish to keep your pets inside or outside your yard. Under these circumstances, we have an effective solution for you. 

    Quality fencing services

    The fencing contractor in Canberra has the experience and skills to handle even the most complicated fencing projects. For example, your ground may be sloping, uneven or hard to access. In this regard, we are committed to providing exceptional fencing services. Due to this, we have many referrals from our loyal clients. 

    Professionals in Colorbond and Timber Fencing installation

    Our fencing contractor in Canberra undertakes fencing works of any size. For example, we install a boundary fence around your property or home. We also enclose your swimming pool or fence off your driveway. Do you want commercial, industrial or residential fencing? In that case, our professional and friendly team can help you.

    Investing in our fencing installation assures you of top quality artistry. Australian Construction also offers fast and efficient services. Because of this, your daily schedule is not interrupted. We have vast experience in fencing. 

    Due to this, we comprehend the fencing vision you have for your business or home. Consequently, we assist you in affordably attaining your desired outcomes. Our team is committed to excellence. Additionally, we are fully transparent in our costing and processes.

    Tubular fencing

    We use pre-galvanised steel for tubular fencing and gates. Our skilled team then welds pickets into punched rails. So it ensures maximum strength and consistency in looks from the two sides of the fence. The fencing contractor in Canberra power-coats the fencing posts and panels. For this reason, the fence is durable; hence your area is secure and safe.

    This type of fencing is available in different styles. For example, we have crimp top or palisade fencing and flat-top safety fencing. Additionally, we have sports field fencing. We present various colours. Therefore we manufacture tubular gates and fencing to match your application. Our tubular fencing presents a medium-high security fencing choice and is best for different applications like distribution centres and warehouses. Tubular fencing is also suitable for universities playgrounds and schools.

    Timber fencing

    The fencing contractor in Canberra offers versatile and flexible timber fences. As a result, your property becomes attractive. We repair and install all types of timber fences. We offer hardwood fences.  In addition, we provide treated pine fences. Our timber options are varied. Therefore you can pick what is most suitable for you. Some of our famous fencing options are:

    • Pailing, rail and post fencing
    • Capped and lapped timber fence
    • Single pailing timber fence

    Our solutions are bespoke, and we offer unique fences, which complement your property’s design and décor.  The timber fence you choose depends on your purpose ad requirement. For example, if you want to install a timber fence to make your space more attractive, a timber fence is the best option. Meanwhile, for privacy purposes, panelled fences are ideal. The reason is they screen your yard from view.


    Australian Construction is fully insured and licensed. Our fencers work with you all through the fencing procedure. Furthermore, we help you in choosing the correct materials for your industrial, commercial or residential fencing. Our skilled team is available from delivery to installation.

    We look forward to working with you on your next fencing project in Canberra!