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Coffs Harbour Fencing Contractor

Coffs Harbour Fencing Contractor

    Do you need a new fence installation? In that case, call Australian Construction to find out the best fence for your needs. Our fencing contractor in Coffs Harbour is highly skilled. For years we have provided quality fencing services in Australia. Therefore we are confident of getting the job done right.

    We provide durable fencing solutions. Additionally, our services give you good value for money. Furthermore, we use top quality materials in the sector. More importantly, we ensure proper fence installation.

    Boundary fencing

    A boundary fence provides a frame for your property. Because of this, you gain protection. Moreover, a boundary fence is your home’s backdrop for all that happens. In other words, your fence is a crucial element.  Hence at Australian Construction, we appreciate the importance of fencing. Due to this, we are dedicated to offering our clients the ideal services. The fencing contractor in Coffs Harbour is experienced. In addition, our team has the expertise to answer any questions you have, so if you want boundary fencing, talk to our professionals.

    Selecting a suitable fence for your premises

    However, before installing a new fence for your business or home, there are other considerations. Where residential boundaries are concerned, it would be best for you to aim for a lovely look. Additionally, consider a price that matches your budget. 

    For example, do you need a functional fence? Or do you want a fence for privacy? Also, consider whether you want an attractive or durable fence. You may also want a fence that adds value to your property. Some homeowners wish for an appealing fence. Meanwhile, others want a low-profile fence that does not draw attention away from their garden’s real focal points.

    Does your fence need repairs?

    Is your fence starting to wear down? Perhaps your fence is over ten years old. In that case, repairs are inevitably necessary. If you wish to be proactive regarding your fence’s lifespan, take action early. Your fence may require repairs for several reasons like:

    • Overall wear and tear
    • Weather-related breakdown
    • Impact or damage to the fence
    • Rust accumulation
    • Rotting supports, pickets or posts

    Whatever issues your fencing is experiencing Australian Construction has the solution. We offer quotes, repairs and replacements. In addition, you can rely on our fencing contractor in Coffs Harbour in an emergency.

    Three indications that your fence requires repairs:

    1.  Your fence is leaning or sagging

    A fence can lean due to wind or rain. The wood aging process can also cause this. If you note that your fence is leaning, call us today. The fencing contractor in Coffs Harbour will handle the problem immediately.

    2.  Rotting fence posts (ground level)

    Fence rotting mainly happens in improperly treated fences. Our team ensures they catch it early enough. Because of this replacing your fence is not necessary. The Australian Construction team detects fence rot early. Given this, they check your fence posts (where they meet the surface). Our team is skilled in all fencing aspects. Because of this, they help you in detecting a rotting spot before it gets worse.

    3.  Water damage or visible rust

    Water damage also indicates that you need to repair your fence. Rain and water damage mainly causes rust on your fence. Worse still, continuous water damage causes algae and mould on your fence. Furthermore, rain and water damage triggers structural decay. It depends on the kind of fence you have. Are you familiar with any of these issues? If you are worried about your fence, Australian Construction can help you diagnose the problem.


    At Australian Construction, we take each job seriously. We only use the leading industry-standard materials. Our range of fences includes standard style, horizontal slat and picket. Therefore we have something for everyone! Moreover, we provide fencing solutions that are not only durable but also appealing.

    Talk to us today about the ideal fencing services in Coffs Harbour!