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Geelong Fencing Contractor

Geelong Fencing Contractor

    Australian Construction provides different fences. For example, we offer Colorbond fence panels and automatic gates.  We provide glass pool fencing and aluminium security fencing also. Therefore our fencing contractor in Geelong offers a gate or fence to suit your needs. Additionally, our products match your budget.

    Our team specialises in fence and gate installation. Therefore you have total peace of mind. Moreover, we are famous for a distinction for quality. We are proud to have the reputation of Geelong’s most dedicated fence builders. More importantly, we use only the most superior elements and materials. As a result, we produce incredible and exceptional outcomes. Also, our products are durable and ideal.

    Timber fencing

    Timber presents a timeless fencing material. Additionally, for many years it has been a very famous type of fencing. This kind of wood fence is old fashioned. However, even under severe weather conditions, it is firm. Timber presents a lovely natural feel. For this reason, it softens up your property’s limitations. It also produces satisfying security for your commercial or home area. Do you want to enjoy the advantages of hardwood fencing? In that case, call our Australian Construction team. Our fencing contractor in Geelong has the skills to install superior-grade timber fencing.

    Pool fencing

    Sadly, many times pool accidents occur. Do you have small children? Or perhaps you have pets you love, and they can access your swimming pool. Under these circumstances having a top-quality swimming pool fence is crucial. It facilitates security. Therefore you do not need to worry about the children or pets’ safety. Our pool fencing keeps your loved ones safe. Additionally, we ensure your pool area’s safety and security fence meets the established regulations in Australia.

    Moreover, we have a whole variety of panel designs and styles. For instance, we provide sleek lines. We also present no-exposed carriers. Given this, we have fabulous looking designs on the fence’s two sides. Because of this, you can select the entryway plan and pool fencing you want. We then match it to your specific needs. In addition, we supply and install breathtaking pool fencing.

    Picket fencing

    You may want a stunning or traditional fencing style that does not require painting. But you still wish to enjoy the integrity and strength of modern-day fencing. In that case, talk to the fencing contractor in Geelong.  We provide superior quality picket fences. The fencing contractor in Geelong offers the newest picket fencing. 

    Hence it suits any property in Geelong. We provide standard timber picket fencing. Mainly we build it from composite wood.  Also, we offer picket fencings created from lightweight or pre-gal aluminium. We powder-coat them with DuraBOND®. This coating is durable. Therefore it prevents your picket fence from breaking down, degrading or decaying. Better yet, this fencing style does not have timber. Consequently, it is not exposed to wood borers, termites or other irritating pests.

    Modular Fencing

    Our modular fencing has excellent soundproofing qualities. Due to this, it is popular. Residential land in Geelong is becoming increasingly smaller. For this reason, your next-door neighbour’s sound is a significant problem. Traditional timber fencing and Colorbond enhances the sound deadening. But it does not compete with the modular all systems soundproofing acoustic qualities. In addition, our modular fence design is neat and attractive. Therefore we can also coat it to match your home (textured or rendered).


    Australian Construction works with commercial and architectural clients. We work with residential and industrial customers also. Moreover, we are famous for using superior quality materials. Also, our prices are affordable.

    Therefore work with us today for your custom farm, animal enclosures and equine fencing in Geelong!