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Gladstone Fencing Contractor

Gladstone Fencing Contractor

    Australian Construction ranks top among the fence builders in Gladstone. Our fencing contractor in Gladstone supplies and installs all types of fences. We provide retaining walls such as security fences, dog fences and acoustic barriers. Additionally, we offer feature fences and gates. Moreover, we give you friendly expert services. Because of this, we meet your gate, retaining wall and fencing needs.

    We believe in giving our clients a unique fencing experience. Therefore we give our customers priority. Our fencing installers are qualified, and we source our products from the most reliable brands. More importantly, our prices are competitive. We give you not only a wide range of solutions but also the best customer service. Our highly qualified and experienced team answers your questions. They then provide a competitive and comprehensive quote to satisfy your needs.

    Our services

    Our fencing contractor offers different types of fences like:

    • Commercial fences
    • Feature fences
    • Acoustic barriers
    • Neighbour friendly fences
    • Privacy fences
    • Glass fences
    • Picket fences
    • Rail and rural post fences
    • Dog wire fences
    • Aluminium fences
    • Pool fences
    • Chain wire fences
    • Colorbond fences
    • PVC fences

    Timber fences

    An acoustic barrier fence is effective in reducing noise. However, acoustic fences or barriers are not wholly soundproof. Nevertheless, we specifically design them to absorb sound vibration. We use acoustic barriers for residential properties. As a result, it prevents you from hearing every small noise from your neighbours! 

    In addition, we use this type of fencing for commercial purposes. For example, we use the acoustic fence for industrial or blocking road noise. The Australian Construction acoustic barriers significantly reduce noise using different materials like steel and timber.

    Rural & acreage fences

    The fencing contractor in Gladstone offers various rural and acreage fencing services. In other words, we have different economical options. Do you want to mark long boundary lines? Or do you wish to have more heavy-duty to control livestock and people movement?  In that case, our rural fence gives your town block a ‘country’ feel and look.

    Rural & acreage fencing choices

    Different livestock such as horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and goats need very different fences. For this reason, we advise you on the most suitable designs and styles for your animals and property. The Australian Construction range of rural fences includes: 

    Rail & post: Our skilled team uses wire strands to combine wooden posts and rails. As a result, we create an efficient fence for stock. Moreover, it is especially suitable for horses.

    Barbed wire fence: With a barbed wire fence, you can contain livestock such as cattle. To reduce costs, the fencing contractor in Gladstone also uses plain wire. In addition, we customise the number of wire strands and height. For this reason, it matches the animal and fence purpose. We can easily make it electric as well.

    Barbed wire fence: The Australian Construction barbed wire helps in containing livestock such as cattle. We also use plain wire to reduce the cost. Furthermore, we tailor-make the number of wire strands and height. Consequently, it suits the animal and objective of the fence. We can also make it electric.

    Hinge joint fence: Barbed wire alone cannot contain smaller animals like dogs and pigs. Therefore we provide hinged joint wire with a kind of woven wire featuring big openings.


    Australian Construction specialises in fencing for various purposes. In addition, we ensure we build all our fences with significant consideration. Because of this, we create an impact using visual styling elements. Moreover, we build fences that accommodate safety functions, protection and privacy for livestock, pets, business and property. Our skilled team plans a consultation with you onsite. Consequently, they establish the best solution for your premises.

    Call us today for the best fencing services in Gladstone!