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Hobart Fencing Contractor

Hobart Fencing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we have years of experience. Moreover, we offer quality artistry and attention to detail. Because of this, our projects are durable. More importantly, our fencing contractor in Hobart builds top-quality fences. Also, we offer unique services. We also go the extra mile for you in all ways.

    Our skilled team has the expertise to install different fences. For instance, they install glass and Colorbond. In addition, they undertake double, single and automatic gates installations. The size of your budget or fence does not matter. After all, we possess the experience and skills to deliver what you want. 

    Outstanding services

    Australian Construction only uses superior materials. Because of this, we provide an excellent and durable product. Not only do we deliver on time but also provide friendly services. After we complete the job, we clean up the mess. Our team removes old materials onsite. Therefore we give you excellent and stress-free fencing.

    The fencing contractor in Hobart provides quality services. Therefore we guarantee customer satisfaction. Moreover, we are proud of all the fences we have ever constructed. More importantly, our products comply with Australian Standards. We are confident you will love our work. So call us now to discuss your dream gate or fence!

    Timber fencing

    Australian Construction builds different timber fences. For example, we build picket and paling fences as well as slats or Merbau. For years timber has presented a famous fencing style. It gives your home a classic feel and appearance. 

    In addition, our wooden fences give you the required privacy. Because of this, we help you build an appealing fence. We use various timbers, slats and fence posts. Additionally, we stain, oil or paint timber fences. Because of this, they match any colour scheme.

    Durable and stylish

    The fencing contractor in Hobart offers durable timber fences. More importantly, we treat them to discourage damp conditions and pests. Our timber fencing offers a brilliant method for a low border fence. For example, we present high-security fences or classic white picket fences. Consequently, it maintains privacy and security. Timber is a strong material. For this reason, we can shape it to suit whatever style you want.

    Quality construction

    Australian Construction has built stunning wooden fences for years. After all, timber is an innovative fencing material. Our team is proud to build attractive fences. Moreover, our fences withstand the test of time and elements. So talk to us now to discuss the fence you wish to have.

    Colorbond fencing

    Advantages of Colorbond Fencing

    Colorbond fencing is not only durable but also simple to maintain. Because of this, Colorbond fencing offers a wonderful option for business or home fencing. Since 1966 Colorbond fencing has been popular in Australia. Our fencing contractor in Hobart powder-coats our Colorbond fencing. Additionally, we provide it in different colours. Hence it complements any property. It is a non-combustible material. Moreover, it is safe from the weather. In addition, it is protected from termites and rust.

    Local and durable

    Colorbond fencing is manufactured in Australia. Hence it presents a wonderful quality, local item. Also, it offers an excellent long-term investment. It provides style, durability and security. This fencing offers privacy and security. Hence it stops nosy people from seeing inside your home. It stops wildlife and people from walking through your yard as well.


    Australian Construction is highly skilled and experienced. Due to this, we plan and install the gates or fences you need. Our expert team installs a gate to your existing fence in one day. Alternatively, we can install a gate as part of fixing an entirely new fence. Do you want a new gate or to replace an old one? Or perhaps you want upgrading or general maintenance. 

    Regardless, call us today for the best fencing services in Hobart!