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Launceston Fencing Contractor

Launceston Fencing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are reliable fencing contractors. Moreover, our fencing contractor in Launceston offers top quality fence installation. We deliver expert fencing services from start to finish. Due to this, for years we have created an excellent reputation. In addition, our skilled team gives your property a personalised touch. 

    We appreciate it is crucial to finish each job safely. Our team has experience in working on residential projects. Additionally, we are proficient in industrial and commercial fencing jobs.  Furthermore, we specialise in fencing and gates. 

    For this reason, we are available to offer advice and skills. Hence we help you in picking the ideal fencing. We also suggest the best gating service for your business or home. Our company is familiar with the marketplace. As a result, we source the gates and panels you want. Consequently, we ensure we secure your property’s perimeter to your satisfaction.

    Industrial fences

    Australian Construction is the best fencing contractor in Launceston. We provide industrial and commercial fencing installations. Furthermore, we have served Launceston and the nearby areas for years. Because of this, we have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs.

    We rank top among other companies in the same sector. Talk to us to find out about our services. It includes the newest technology! More importantly, our technical team appreciates that time is crucial. So, we work hard to deliver top quality services and products quickly.

    Commercial fence contractor

    Australian Construction provides top quality industrial and commercial fences. We have sufficient highly qualified staff that is available when you call. Furthermore, we endeavour to provide superior work. More importantly, we deliver on time and within budget.

    Aluminium fencing

    When it comes to attractive and quality aluminium fencing, we are your first choice. After all, we provide beautiful aluminium fencing for all types of properties in Launceston. Additionally, we have different designs. Therefore we offer a comprehensive service. Aluminium fencing is increasingly becoming popular. It is suitable for your premises or home perimeter. Whatever your taste or requirement, we can provide. Our fencing contractor in Launceston presents exceptional fencing solutions. Moreover, our fencing products are a fantastic investment and choice. You can benefit from our expertise and service. We give your installation a fine finish.

    Aluminium fencing is highly versatile.

    Aluminium fencing has advanced from general corrugated aluminium fencing. Instead, we now provide various exceptional and customisable designs. We offer attractive aluminium fencing. In addition, these fences are unique. 

    We provide laser-cut and etched aluminium fencing panels. Our range also includes an aluminium board with struts. Consequently, it provides open and solid panels. We also offer different powder-coated colour combinations.

    Do you own a business in Launceston? Or do you manage commercial properties? In that case, we provide timeless industrial aluminium fencing options. For example, we have corrugated rackable or plain panels. Australian Construction offers low maintenance and durable fencing options for Launceston properties.

    Key benefits of aluminium

    • Weather-resistant
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Simple to clean
    • Painting or staining is not necessary
    • Low maintenance

    Because of these properties, aluminium is an excellent investment for your long-term fencing option. We use high-quality manufacturing methods. Therefore these panels look similar to wood and other materials. Our experts build these panels to last. They then install them expertly. Because of this, the aluminium fences we install are durable. In other words, we are famous in Launceston for our professional expertise in fencing services.


    Australian Construction undertakes projects of any scale or size. Are you renovating or building a property? Under these circumstances, our team made up of landscapers, and building experts go the extra mile. Hence they ensure they give your property a great fence. Not only are our fences functional but also attractive.

    Therefore call us today for the ideal solution for your property!