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    For your fencing requirements in Melbourne, Australian Construction is your best choice! We provide premium services at affordable rates and provide you with a variety of fencing options. Our fencing contractor in Melbourne uses superior materials and gives you professional advice and consultation for each of your fencing needs.

    If you want to replace your existing fence and gates, our team has enough experience to give you an affordable solution that is ideal for your budget. We work with industrial, commercial and residential premises and provide free quotes and measurements. You have peace of mind knowing that we are comprehensively insured. 

    We give our clients superior artistry and expert fencing contracting. Our gate, retaining wall and fencing solutions are long-lasting. We are proud to provide quality service and workmanship, high standard materials and specialist consultation and advice.

    Pool fence installation

    Tube fences can look excellent and are very functional. You can use these fences as your pool’s barrier, increasing the pool’s functionality and is a significant safety feature. They keep out kids and pets and give you a high visibility through the fence, enabling you to see what is happening in the pool from the fence’s exterior.

    Our experienced fencing contractor in Melbourne easily installs tube fencing, and you can rest assured that your pool is safe. There are various tubular pool fencing styles and colours available at Australian Construction.


    • Beautiful look
    • Weather-proof
    • It presents a pools’ safety requirement.
    • It needs minimal maintenance.
    • This pool is moderately cheap.

    Kinds of pool fences

    Glass pool fencing

    The glass pool options our fencing contractor in Melbourne provides is a smart option, particularly for upmarket style residences. Our team uses toughened safety glass for this application, making it impact resistant and highly durable. We provide it in frameless or semi-framed options depending on your requirements.

    Aluminium pool fencing

    Another popular option we have at Australian Construction is aluminium tube fencing. This type of fencing is more affordable than glass and is appropriate for pool fencing. We provide it in various designs and colours.

    Merbau fencing installers

    The fencing contractor we have in Melbourne provides Merbau fencing. This is an attractive option because Merbau is a versatile wood suitable for most situations. Merbau is ideal for privacy screening, decking, fencing and various outdoor applications in Melbourne and its surroundings.

    Our skilled team attaches Merbau fence slats or pales vertically or horizontally; your preference determines it. We manufacture fence posts from galvanised iron or timber depending on what you prefer.

    Other options include double-sided, palings, capping and exposed posts, preventing you from seeing the fence rails from either side. Please do let us know if you have any particular preferences.

    Merbau timber

    Merbau presents hardwood created from an Intsia bijuga tree. This species tree is mainly known as Merbau, ipil, Borneo teak, kwila, Moluccan ironwood, Johnstone River teak, scrub mahogany and Pacific teak. 

    Benefits of Merbau

    There are various reasons for using Merbau, for instance:

    Looks lovely

    Our Merbau fence gives your property a sophisticated look and is a beautiful way to improve your home and add value to it. A Merbau fence looks lovely because of its wood grain and rich colour. It has a yellowish or orange-brown colour. It changes to brown after air exposure.

    Merbau has a straight wood grain, which is slightly blended with variable lustre. It looks great even without painting, staining or oiling. However, our expert team carries out these procedures expertly, enhancing the look.


    Merbau earns its popularity because it’s durable; its natural oils give it this attribute. This durability makes it withstand variable climates, high temperatures, saltwater, and can even resist termite. It makes it best for outdoor utilisation for applications like decking, fencing, furniture and various applications.

    Resistant to shrinking, cracking and splitting

    Merbau does not crack, split or shrink, even in outdoor surroundings. Merbau has a natural oil, tannin that helps avoid the timber from breaking, cracking and shrinking, making it significantly strong. Merbau’s natural oils, tannin also protects it from rainwater and saltwater.

    Low maintenance

    Because it is highly durable, this type of fence needs minimal maintenance even in harsh conditions, even without chemical treatment. It is different from pine, which needs chemical treatment to make it more durable.

    Colorbond fences

    Australian Construction Colorbond fencing is an attractive option. This product is very durable, and it features coated steel, making it increasingly popular for commercial and residential fencing. We provide high-quality colorbond fences at cost-effective prices in Melbourne.

    Our experienced fencing contractor in Melbourne installs your Colorbond fence effortlessly. We offer the ideal finish to the most superior artistry standards.

    Advantages of Colorbond fencing

    These are some benefits of colorbond fencing:

    • Colorbond has a beautiful appearance on both sides. It differs from timber fences because one side lacks rails. The two sides look awesome!
    • Our wide variety of colours and styles guarantee that you will find something suitable for your property.
    • Our fencing contractor in Melbourne provides Colorbond fencing in many different heights for privacy, containment of pets or to look great.
    • Colorbond is long-lasting and durable.
    • This kind of fence needs minimal maintenance; all you need to do when it gets dirty is to rinse with a hose.

    Different options

    • We have other Colorbond fencing choices you can select from including:
    • Lattice Colorbond fence
    • Boundary Colorbond fencing
    • Colorbond side gates
    • Colorbond pool fencing
    • Colorbond pedestrian gates
    • Colorbond sliding gates (manual and automatic)
    • Commercial Colorbond gates and fencing
    • Our Colorbond panels are available in different standard heights like 2.1m, 1. m, 1.5m and 1.2m. We also have custom heights.


    Our team at Australian Construction are experts where designing and installing fences, custom made gates and retaining walls are concerned. Choosing a fence entails much more than how wonderful the fence looks. How efficient we do the work is what also matters as well as the amount of time and effort we take to ensure quality outcomes.  

    Our fencing contractor in Melbourne installs your fence correctly to avoid any visible footholds, loose palings or vertical gaps. You can choose the gate or fence design you like, and we will be happy to customise it by including lattice, post caps or slats.

    Give us the chance to provide you with the best fence in Melbourne. Contact us now!