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Making Your Fence More Secure And Attractive With A Professional Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in long mesh and tube installations around the commercial property, industrial estates, schools, campuses, and sporting facilities and wildlife barriers next to roads and highways. Our fencing contractor in Newcastle is a top expert in this region, and our team is proud to provide comprehensive designing, engineering, fabricating and installation of temporary and permanent fencing.

    From Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley and almost all areas near NSW, our experienced team has years of experience as fence specialists and can install all types of fences. We undertake new fencing installations and repair fences, and we specialise in rural, residential and commercial fencing solutions.

    Chainwire fencing and its purpose 

    We manufacture our chainwire using galvanised metal and fashion it into an open-weave style mesh. This material is strong and resilient. Australian Construction provides chainwire that is affordable, durable and robust, providing a defensive fencing solution for public, private and commercial properties of various sizes in all areas. If property visibility and protective barriers are essential in any area, our fencing contractor in Newcastle is happy to provide this fencing solution.

    Our fencing team utilises Australian manufactured steel fencing using strict industry standards. We ensure that our customers get sturdy fencing construction at cost-effective costs.

    Advantages of chainwire fencing

    Our chainwire provides various benefits compared to other fencing methods and materials. Our open-weave style mesh maintains open sightlines across properties. It is essential to monitor unwanted visitors, confirming the stock or crops’ state or other activities occurring in a section that needs watching.

    Our fencing contractor in Newcastle also uses chainwire fencing for temporary installation. We link parts of chainwire together, creating a strong barrier without installing permanent posts inside the surface. 

    For public or commercial organisations with significant and valuable properties to safeguard, chainwire fencing’s affordable price, in contrast to numerous fencing materials, means this the ideal choice. An affordable buying cost, installation and ongoing maintenance expenses make this fencing type popular.

    Regular and tailor-made chainwire fencing services

    Our Australian manufactured steel chainwire fencing is available in various regular widths and heights. The heights begin from a 0.6m height to a 3.6m height and increases to 0.3m. The regular chainwire security fences’ regular height is 1.8m high. Our team adds typically three barbed wire strands above, making it challenging for criminals to climb and enter. 

    Our experienced team customises chainwire fittings, gates and posts to suit any non-standard needs that our clients have.

    Chainwire fencing colours

    Nearly everyone knows galvanised metal regular silver colouring, which is a common chainwire fencing feature. But, you may not be familiar with the fencing palette’s latest colours of green and black.  Black features a relaxed elegance that is popular, while green mixes well with the nearby surroundings.

    Chainwire fencing styles

    Our fencing contractor in Newcastle provides flexible chainwire fence styles to help our clients get the best value for their money. Our chainwire fences don’t need to adhere to grid patterns. We have a skilled team that expertly customises fence lines vertically and diagonally. Therefore, whether you want a circular track’s wide bands or a hilly terrain’s highs and lows, we provide unique and functional fencing solutions.

    Our most affordable chainwire fence utilises a three cables style. It describes a 3.15mm simple cable curved to the two sides of the post, giving the fence tensile strength. We ensure that we include bottom and top rails to a fence, significantly increasing the fence’s life and strength. The Australian Construction skilled team increases the chain wires strength by utilising varied construction methods. For instance, we reinforce every link using an additional chainwire twist or utilise different patterns that raise tensile strength in the entire mesh.

    Chainwire fencing uses

    Chainwire fencing has endless uses. Some of them are reserves, public parks, reserves for building sites, residential estates, sporting grounds and transport corridors. Commercial enterprises like work premises or factories, storing private data or dangerous materials need constant protection. State enterprises have similar roles and might need protection for considerable property parts like shooting grounds or the Department of Defense.

    Suppose you want to keep imposters out of public and commercial premises, protect crops and livestock in rural areas or provide an effective protective barrier for individuals at events; our Australian manufactured chainwire steel fencing provides the ideal solution.

    Press formed spear top 

    This fence is also called diplomat type fencing, Brentwood style, school security fencing, or just security fencing. It is gaining popularity since it is more difficult for invaders to enter. According to statistics, a decrease of 95% in vandalism and break-ins after schools installed this fencing. 

    Our school security fence has standard heights of 2.4m, 2.1m and 1.8m; however, we can manufacture it to a suitable height for your requirements. For sloping or uneven ground, a fencing contractor manufactures sloping raked panels to suit the specific area. This security fencing style can be sliding or swinging gates, and the two styles can be manual or automated.

    Choosing the best fencing contractor in Newcastle

    When adding something new to your property, you may experience challenges. A fence is an essential addition to your property because it promotes safety, and you need professional help to achieve this. Before hiring a fencing contractor, check whether they are licensed, proficient and insured like our team at Australian Construction.

    Consider the following

    Compare different quotations to match your budget. Request different firms to bid on your project. They will give you details of the project cost, and the bids will help you pick a suitable contractor for your project.

    Explain what you need when you meet your contractor. Discuss the packages that match your budget and property and request the contractor to show you the latest fence designs. 

    After you receive bids from contractors, check their rate of expertise. Decide the kind of fence that is appropriate for your home and check the contractor’s skills. You can ask the contractor to show you the previous projects, indicating his expertise and experience.

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